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DE Jason Pierre-Paul Transcript


Q: How hard is it for a rookie to transition to the NFL game?A: As a rookie, you have to come in and listen to your coaches because your coaches know what's best. The game is going to be fast. When I came in it was real fast but it was able to slow down for me. When I came in and got extra work from the coaches on my days off, I processed all the information the coaches gave me so it was smooth.

Q: Was the game as fast and difficult as you thought?A: In college it was alright. I came in the first game so I was still learning in college. When I came to the NFL, I came to rookie camp and OTA's and things were explained to me. This year I missed out on OTA's with the whole lockout deal. I know all the plays and stuff so I think I will be alright.

Q: How do you feel going into your second season?A: I feel it. I know the plays more and when coaches ask me a question, I am quick to answer. Last year I hesitated. It got easy to me. It wasn't as tough as it was last year.

Q: Do you have a number in mind as far as sacks?A: Unlimited. That's all I can say. I want to get them all.

Q: Do you feel more pressure this season?A: Yes, I am playing every single down. Like I told coach, I'm here no matter what. If they put me in left end, right end, defensive tackle, I can play it all so it doesn't really matter to me. The more you can play the more you will be on the field.

Q: Which one do you prefer?A: I prefer the outside. If I have to play inside, I will.

Q: Does the left or right matter to you?A: No it doesn't matter. I'm good with both sides

Q: What do you think you are better at this year?A: I think I am better at both sides.

Q: What do you think you are better at in your game in general?A: I think I'm playing the run game really good. The passing game, I just have t

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