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DE Jason Pierre-Paul Transcript


Q: Did it feel like you were back in college making plays again?A: Yes it did

Q: Can you talk about that?A: Basically coach Fewell called a few plays and I understood them and was just able to play fast.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing Osi back on the field?A: Yes because it is less pressure on the defense and we are just going to get out there and play great football.

Q: Will there be an open competition between the two of you?A: Basically it is going to be a rotation again and the coaches already told me that I am going to be working both sides. I am not going to be on one side. I will be playing right end and left defensive end. That is how I played last year. That's basically it.

Q: What have you learned from Osi since you have been a Giant?A: Osi is a great player, he is one of our top defensive pass rushers. He gets to the ball quickly. I'm still trying to learn how to get around the corner and work my foot work out and he is going to teach me all of that and so will Tuck and Kiwanuka and all the defensive players. I am just going to learn from them.

Q: Do you care about if you are going to start?A: Not at all. They say that I am still a rookie so it doesn't matter if I start or not. I just want to go out there and play football and do what I need to do.

Q: Do you feel as though there is enough time to go around?A:  Of course, we did it last year. I had a great second half of the season and that's what I want to do this year.

Q: Would it be better if you only played on side?A: Actually I would rather play both ends because the more you learn the more you can help the defense. Last year I played both sides and I am going to do it this year.

Q: How much better is the defense with Osi out there?A: It is a lot better. It makes the offense have a little hesitation and when we have all three of us out there in the Oki package, they don't know what to do so it is good Osi is back.

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