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DE Jason Pierre-Paul Transcript


Q: How are you dealing with the injuries on defense?A: We just came together. We prayed about it and now we just have to move on. The next person just has to step up.  

Q: What happened on that play?A: Both of us got to the quarterback. I got to the quarterback faster than him and I leaped. He ran into me and that's what happened.  

Q: Did he just get caught?A: I don't know, the play went by fast so you couldn't really tell.  

Q:Did you know it had happened right away?A: No, actually we both ran into each other and I was kind of hurt too. He ran into my leg and my leg was sore for a minute. I was telling him to get up and he never got up then he got up and went back down.

Q: Are you accepting the responsibility now with Osi being out?A: I'm just doing my job. As much as me filling in for Osi, that is what I have been doing.

Q: How are you better this year?A: I am getting the play calling down. I'm stopping the run and becoming a better pass rusher and getting to the quarterback.

Q: Why didn't the defense get to the quarterback this past week like they did the week before?A:  Basically we went out there and coach Coughlin talked to us about the situations we were going to be in. We went out and did our jobs and everybody got a chance to play.  

Q: Have you spoken to Marvin Austin?A: Yes I spoke to him recently and I was just telling him to keep his head up. He is going to have surgery. I told him to come back here and come to the defensive meetings to get the play calling and stuff.

Q:How worried are you as a defensive lineman getting an arm injury?A: Not really because you get a lot of different injuries. That is just one of them.

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