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DE Justin Tuck - 12/12

Q:  What do the Falcons do well offensively?
A:  I think the thing that they do well is making sure they have the right play. They give Matty Ice the check-off when he comes up to the line. He'll give you a hard count just to see if the safety is going to rotate and get them in the right play as far as run or pass. That makes it difficult because you have to play a chess game with the quarterback and if you show too early he's going to definitely see anything and give them a better play. That gives him a lot of freedom and they've been quite successful this year.Q:  When you see all of the weapons they have, is it scary?

A:  If we don't play our keys and don't play the type of football I know we're capable of, sure. Absolutely. Everyone knows about that wide receiver tandem, Matty Ice, (Tony) Gonzalez, those two running backs, they have a lot of weapons down there and they're going to be behind that home crowd on that fast turf. They'll be very comfortable in that setting and we'll have to play a great game to contain them.Q:  When Coach Coughlin comes up with these catch phrases like "Finish" and "Build the Bridge" do they work for you?

A:  They work, they definitely do. The older you get, you kind of don't need it, but I appreciate the fact that he's one of these guys that studies all this tape and reads all these types of books. He's always trying to find an edge, trying to find some trigger point for this team and he's been very successful at it. Every year he seems to come into camp with one thing that he wants this team to be built on. I think this team does a great job of kind of picking it up and making it our mantra, too.Q:  Is there one through the years that you remember the most?

A:  All in, and he didn't come up with that.

Q:  He was okay with hopping on board with it though?
A:  Sure he was. He still thinks we need to say it more around here, but I think the one that came from him was, "No toughness, no championship," "Talk is cheap, play the game," "Build the bridge," "Finish," there's a lot of them.

Q:  Road warriors?
A:  Road warriors in '07, yeah.

Q:  Destiny is a matter of choice?
A:  That's another good one.

Q:  Have you heard that one lately?
A:  Actually, I thought he said it yesterday, or some revised version. Something like that. Q:  Does the Wednesday meeting always include what that week's message is?
A:  Yeah, because that's the only time he has us as a group. Obviously that would be him getting across whatever point he has for that day.Q:  He likes his Powerpoints?

A:  He's a Powerpoint guy. He's definitely a Powerpoint guy.


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