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DE Justin Tuck

Q. Key to stopping their offense?

A. The key to stopping their offense is making them one-dimensional. As good as Tony Romo is, we want to put him in third and long situations. They have a great offensive line, they play well together and they have three backs who probably can start for just about any team in this league. So we need to stop their run and put them in long situations. It's always the same with us, if we can get them into some long situations, we can dial up some blitzes and get some pressure on the quarterback and that can be a big difference in the game.
Q. The "hate" word has been thrown around when you describe both these teams' feelings for one another…

A. I don't use that word any more.
Q. How would you describe it?

A. Strong dislike.
Q. With Marc Colombo out, Doug Free is playing tackle on your side. What have you seen from him on film?

A. I haven't seen much, but he is a physical guy, loves to mix it up, and is an aggressive guy. Obviously that is a big loss for them, Colombo is playing real well, but Free
is going to do the same thing. That is pretty much it; there isn't too much to see on film.
Q. In the trenches, how different is the Dallas game with the intensity?

A. Other than the fact that they have a huge O-line, I don't think it's too much different. In the NFL every team wants to win, every team goes out there and plays hard. If anything, Dallas might be a little more intense because of who we are and what these games mean, but honestly I don't think it's too much different.
Q. Does that change your approach at all because they have a bigger O-line?

A.  No, I am going to continue to do what I do. The way I look at it offensive lineman should change their approach when they play me. Obviously if I was an offensive lineman, I would answer that question differently.
Q. After the Flozell Adams thing you were pretty open about it the week after. Now you seemed to have clammed up as this game has gotten closer?

A. It's pretty much over for me. It is what it is and that's it. Like I said, I think I told you all last week, it's timeout for individual battles. Just go out there and help this
football team get a win.
Q. But it's not over, you are still hurt…

A. We played them almost two months ago, so it's over.
Q. He also said some things after that game that you took issue with?

A. To be honest with you, I really don't care what Flozell (Adams) has to say. He probably doesn't care what I have to say, either. Like I said, I am trying to go out here and help us get a win.
Q. Is the rivalry issue something you can draw on because you always want to beat the Cowboys, no matter when or where or how?

A. Absolutely, I think so. Like I said, you can throw out the records. This is a game that both teams really, really want. Dallas could be 0-11 and we could be 0-11 and it would still be an important game just because it is Dallas. You can say the same thing about Philly and Washington and it would be the same thing. I think you can add into the fact that it is a rivalry game and we will have some emotions flying a little bit higher in the meeting room.

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