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DE Justin Tuck

Q. Does Tom change much when the team is in a losing streak compared to a winning streak?
A. Not really, he gets a little bit more intense but the message is still the same. What he expects of this team is still the same, so I would say no.
Q. I just asked Coach Sheridan about some of the miscommunication that has been mentioned, and he said we should ask the players.
A. There are just certain plays where we might have been not necessarily on the same page. We have gotten that straight, we have had a great week of practice thus far with the linebackers, safeties, corners and defensive line being on the same page. So hopefully that issue we can kind of throw it in back of the bag.
Q. The Chargers offense likes to throw the ball down the field a lot. Does that mean Rivers is holding the ball longer and will give you more of an opportunity for sacks?
A. You know what, I am going to stop using that as an excuse. It doesn't really matter anymore. My job is to get after the quarterback and that's what I have to do, regardless if he holds the ball for a second or he holds it for 10. Yeah, they do like to throw the ball down the field, so the opportunity should be there. Regardless of that, I've got a job to do and guys got to do it.
Q. LaDainian Tomlinson's numbers are way down. I have a feeling you guys still have respect for him. What has he showed you on film?
A. Yeah, we have respect for him. He showed us that he hasn't lost that much of a step. I think, because of the emergence of (Darren) Sproles and they have Jacob Hester, guys that can run the ball, he just isn't getting the carries that he used to get for whatever reason that is. He still is the LaDainian Tomlinson of old, I think so. I have still seen this year where he made defenders in the open field look very foolish. We are still going to have our hands full with him, Sproles and everybody on that offense. They have a great package that they run with a quarterback that can get the ball just about anywhere. Like I said, we have our hands full.

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