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DE Justin Tuck

Q. What do you tell Chris (Canty) about taking his time because I'm sure he wants a piece of the action here?

A. In a situation like that a guy wants to get in and play as soon as possible. You just have to be smart about situations like that. I would tell him to come back when you are ready man. We are playing pretty good right now and it's not like we don't have some guys that can step in while he is not going. We definitely need to be smart about it.

Q. How do they use their running backs because they do have a multi-faceted running game?

A.  They use them pretty well. All of them do different things very, very well. (Reggie) Bush is kind of like the slashing screen guy, (Mike) Bell is more like an inside running back but he has a little slash ability, too. I think they do a really good job of utilizing them all in their system. Sometimes you see them all on the field at the same time, which makes it even more difficult.

Q. I was going to ask you about their trickery and stuff, Bush will line up wide and then all of sudden he's running a reverse?

A. A guy that has athletic ability like Reggie you definitely have to be aware of where he is on the football field, whether he is the offset back in shotgun or wide receiver in pairs. They try to get him the ball anytime they can in multiple facets. A guy like him, everybody on that football field is pretty dangerous, but with him he can be dangerous in so many different areas.

Q. (Drew) Brees is a quarterback who gets rid of the ball quick, he's hard to get to?

A. He has only been sacked four times this year, so yeah, he is hard to get to. Hopefully we can do some things to hopefully try to disguise him. No one has been too successful with that. Hopefully we can go out there and play our 'A' game. If we bring our 'A' game, we will have some success.

Q. Is this one of those cases where just getting pressure and hurrying is good?

A. We are still shooting for sacks. We are definitely still shooting for sacks. But it still is good. Drew (Brees) is a little shorter quarterback than average so we have to get up in his face and kind of block some of those passing lanes that he's had. If we can do that and kind of move him off his target, then we can have some success, but obviously if he is able to sit back there and look down field for four or five seconds, then he is going to pick us apart.

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