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DE Justin Tuck

Q: Were you surprised at Steve Smith signing with the Eagles?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you hear about the signing?

A: I actually heard on twitter.

Q: What was your reaction?

A: Congratulations to Steve Smith. Steve has been a big part of our success here but again the business aspect of this game comes back to bite you sometimes. I'm excited for the guys that we do have here. Disappointed, he did what he had to do and what was best for him and I congratulate him for having that opportunity. 

Q: Does the team that he went to influence your opinion?

A: Why would it? It doesn't matter.

Q: Do you think that Jerry Reese is doing all he can to sign players?

A: You have to ask Jerry that. He has a plan to make this team competitive in this league and I trust that he knows what he is doing.

Q: Does addition by subtract mean that you guys aren't better at all?

A: Really. Have we played a game yet? So how would you know if we were better or not? I guess we are all psychic now.

Q: Do you feel like the Giants got better?

A: We will see.

Q: What makes you so confident in the Giants this season?

A: Let me ask you a question, when have names won a game? So far Philly and everybody you guys are giving the championship to, they just have names. They haven't played a game either. They still have to stay healthy. They still have to gel as a football team. So why are we not in the same pot as far as having that chance because every team has to go through the same thing as far as no OTA's, coming in after seven months off and gelling. I don't care if you put Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and everybody on the basketball team, if they are not gelling and playing as a basketball team, then they are susceptible to be beat.

Q: Why are you so confident?

A: Because I believe in my team.

Q: Are you concerned at the number of important guys that you have lost this offseason?

A: Definitely. I feel as though it gives a lot of guys an opportunity to step up and that's what we expect for them to do. If they do that, I don't see any reason why we can't be in the mix just like every other team is. I can see where guys can say, this guy hasn't proven himself or this situation is not what it was before or whatever. I know that this team has a lot of talent and do we have to go out and prove it, absolutely. Every other team has to as well.

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