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Q: Can you talk about playing the Eagles?

A: I am very excited about it. Obviously, everybody knows about the rivalry and the past games and how physical this game is going to be. I am looking forward to it and it is going to be a huge challenge for us.Q: Can you talk about how to defend them?

A: You have to get to the quarterback. I think they live for big plays and they have a big play running back. They have several big play wide receivers and they have a big play tight end. Obviously, everyone knows the abilities of Michael Vick and it all starts with him. We have to put a lot of pressure on him so that we can't allow them those long, deep routes.   Q: Can you tell if a guy is playing hurt?

A: I think you can sense it after you hit him a few times. If you don't get to him, then it really doesn't matter. If he plays, then he will be healthy. I don't think they would put him out there and risk losing him for a month or two with him re-aggravating something. If he plays, he is healthy and we are going to approach it so. Q: How do you explain the six straight losses?

A: I explain it as they had more points on the board those six games than we did.

Q: What about the matchup?

A: Those six games, they outplayed us. It is as simple as that.

Q: Does that fuel your fire?

A: It doesn't matter because if we won six in a row, I would still want to beat them. Everybody puts emphasis on it but the fact of the matter is that stuff is in the past. It is not going to help us prepare for today. That is what we are doing, we are putting that behind us and focusing on what we need to beat them this year. We can't beat them last year.

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