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DE Justin Tuck


Q: How are you feeling?A: I feel good

Q: Is it the groin or neck that is keeping you out?A: A little of both

Q: Are you concerned about your neck?A: A little bit but it just takes time to let it quiet down. Unfortunately we don't have do want to be out there every week playing.

Q: How frustrating is it?A: It is frustrating. It is definitely frustrating but it is football and you fix your mind to know that you are going to have these nagging things.

Q: Are you going to see a specialist?A: If it gets to that point, sure I will, but right now it is not there.

Q: Is it good to know Osi is close to returning?A: Definitely and he looked good in practice, too. Obviously, the deal is to get all of our weapons firing at the same time. It is good to have him back.

Q: Are you concerned about having a letdown?A: I don't think so. We had a great practice today and guys were flying around. We are professionals and we understand that you have to take it one game at a time. We have seen a lot of different things. Getting off to great starts and crappy endings and vice versa. For us it is all about taking it one game at a time. This week, we have Arizona and they are a talented football team. We have to go out there and they are going to be amped to play. They are 1-2 but their two losses were only by four points. They are a very talented football team and we are going to have to play a great game to come out with a win.

Re: possibly flying to Arizona and not playing in the game?A: If I get on that plane to Arizona, I am playing.

Q: Can you play without practicing?A: Yes, but I don't know how I can do it. I would rather not but I am getting all the looks and I am watching practice. I am in the film but obviously you would rather be out there taking the reps and seeing it for yourself. I have been around here long enough to understand what offenses try to do. Hopefully I get out there tomorrow and go and I won't have to worry about that.* *

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