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DE Justin Tuck


Q: How do you feel and will you play on Sunday?

A: I am not 100% and we will find out on Sunday.

Q: Were you able to practice today and what did you do?

A: I practiced individual.

Q: When did you make the change in shoulder pads?

A: Today.  

* *

Q: What is different about the shoulder pads?

A: They are tighter.

* *

Q: Was it a new helmet as well?

A: A new facemask.

* *

Q: Why a new facemask?

A: We are just trying to give people not as much surface to be able to grab my facemask.

* *

Q: Are they doing that a lot more?

A: They did it before the neck but it is more amplified now.

* *

Q: What do tighter shoulder pads help you with?

A: It restricts your movement.

* *

Q: Is targeting injuries gamesmanship?

A: It is part of the game and we all do it at some capacity.

* *

Q: Have you thought about resting?

A: That sounds like the smart thing to do but we will see. I don't know.

* *

Q: Is that something you have considered?

A: Definitely. I would rather be healthy now but there is no guarantee that if I sit out until the bye week, I will be healthy the whole season. You just have to go on what you are feeling that day and that is why they say it is day-to-day.

* *

Q: How are teams attacking you?

A: I will say this, when you feel like you have an advantage you try to exploit it and that is what teams are trying to do.

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