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DE Justin Tuck


Q: What happened on defense?

A: I thought we gave up too many yards. We didn't play up to our standards of run defense and defense in general.

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Q: Why can't you stop the run?

A: I think a lot of times you look at the film and whatever the situation may be, we could have played that a whole lot better. It is a combination of a lot of things. Teams are scheming us pretty good right now too. A lot of times we forget that they get paid also. We can play better defense and we have to play better defense and that is all 11 guys.

Q: Are you guys being put in the right position?

A: What difference does that make? The first thing that people want to do now that we have lost a football game is point fingers. Regardless of what the play call is, you have to play above the X's and O's. Coaches are human and they are going to call some plays that may not be a play that they should have called and you just have to play above that. Being put in that right position, no you put yourself in that right position.

* *

Q: Were you thinking that the defense needed to take control?

A: We had plenty of opportunities to do that in this game and it didn't happen for whatever reason. We have been in situations where you would think that we can get a stop and put away the game but it didn't happen. Coming from last week where we won in the fourth quarter to this week, it was a little bit different. I can't put my finger on what the excuse was, we just didn't get the job done.

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Q: Are you worried about how you are playing defensively with the offenses you have coming up?

A: Not really. It would worry me if we had problems consistently back to back. Right now, it just seems like week-to-week, we do some good things and we do some things not so good. Coming into this year, the thing I wanted to see from us was consistency and we are not showing that. There were some plays in that game where we shut down a good running offense and there are some plays in that game where they run a base run play and you give up 47 yards. I think it is just consistency.

Q: Are you making the same errors?

A: No, we are not making the same errors. That is what is frustrating because if we were then we could just say get that guy out of there but it is different errors. One week it's tackling, one week it is fitting up the run and the next week it may be a defensive end cutting off a blitz and a guy getting outside. Those are critical errors and every week it is something different.

* *

Q: Do you think your attitude is missing out there?

A: You would have to ask somebody else. I don't know. I see us playing hard. Sometimes we are not playing as smart but the effort is there. Guys are still busting their butts to the ball. Some situations that we put ourselves into, we shouldn't allow ourselves to be put into.

* *

Q: What is your injury evaluation process?

A: Just getting out there and testing it. Just to see if I can do certain things that are required to play this game.


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