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DE Justin Tuck


Q: How frustrated are you?A: This process is frustrating, no question.

Q: Are you still going through the daily evaluation process?A: We went through some stuff today. We did some running today just to see where we are. We are still day-to-day but we are testing it every day to see where we are. It is kind of up and down.

Q: How tough is it to not play?A: It is. You definitely want to be out there helping your teammates win. Being around the guys and seeing them go out and battle from the sideline is tough. It is hard but I have a lot of support from my teammates telling me when you are ready to come back and healthy, then come back. Don't rush back and that is the uplifting part. As far as me just wanting to be out there on the football field, it is frustrating for me not to be out there.

Q: Especially when you can't control anything?A: Yes, definitely. You worked out in the offseason to prepare your body to have a great year and sometimes these unfortunate things come and you have to take them in stride. That is what I am trying to do.

Q: Is it both your groin and neck?A: It is still both and obviously with the rest I am getting, they are getting better, just not as fast as we want them too. 

Q: Are you surprised that ex-players come out and talk about former teammates?A: I don't know, you have to ask them. I just laugh it off and keep doing what I am doing.

Q: What is your status for this week?
A: My status is unknown. I am always hopeful.

Q: Is it more important to get a win going into the Bye?A: Obviously you want to win every game. Going into a bye week with a win feels a lot better than with a loss. We know how important this game is because it is the next game and we are coming off a loss. We don't want to go into the bye week 0-2. I know a lot guys are focused this week and obviously we are focused every week. It seems like guys are determined to make sure we come out with a win on Sunday at home. !

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