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DE Justin Tuck


Q: Why have the New England Patriots been so good over the years?

A: Consistency.Q: What makes them so consistent?

A: They have a great quarterback. They have a great coaching staff, so when you have those two, it makes it a little bit easier. You still have to do little things with personnel and I think they did a good job of bringing in the people that are going to run their system. They have a good system and that is one of the reasons why they have been so consistent. In certain positions, they have the staples but the guys that they bring in are those work-hard guys. They are not going to cause any problems, they are going to go in there and get the job done. That has worked for them.

* *

Q: Why is it so hard to play in New England?

A: They are tough to play anywhere but when you add in the home field advantage, they are almost unbeatable. Obviously, they have won 20 games in a row up there. They are tough to play regardless of where they play and I think every team is a little better at home. For them, it has been a tremendous advantage.

Q: Do you think you can get after Tom Brady like you were able to in the Super Bowl?

A: I don't expect them to give us the opportunities. I think he will try his best to confuse us a little bit more as far as the snap count and formation stuff. He will get the ball out of his hands quicker and be more decisive. That is where we come into play and hoping that we can confuse him on some plays and get him to pat the ball a little more than he normally would. With a guy like him, it is always a chess match and you have to try to be one step ahead of him.

* *

Q: Does it put more pressure on the defense not having Ahmad Bradshaw?

A: Yes, I guess. When you lose a player like Ahmad and what he can do in our run and pass game catching the ball out of the backfield and screens, it takes away one of the weapons that Eli has. For us personally, we want to lockdown any offense we play anyway. Knowing that may take a few points off the board for us, it does put a little more pressure on us as a defense to come out and play better.

* *

Q: Do you like that challenge?

A: I like all challenges, why not.     

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