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DE Justin Tuck


Q: What kind of challenge do mobile quarterbacks present and what did Romo do to avoid your pressure?
A: I don't think his mobility factored as much into why we weren't able to get to him. I think he did a great job of changing the snap count, keeping us off rhythm. They got their running game started up in the second half, so I think he did a lot of other things to keep us off rhythm and I think we pressed a lot. I think as a d-line, especially being out there on a Wednesday night game, everybody is watching you. You want to come out and showcase your talents and I think we kind of pressed and didn't really go through our technique as best as we could have and they took advantage of that, so mobility… Yes he's mobile, but I don't think that played as much a factor as people want to give it.

Q: Did Prince show you something when he stayed in that extra play when he hurt his ankle?
A: Yea, stupidity. No…. Definitely. I don't think his toughness is ever a big question. I think he's a tough-minded guy and I think that's only getting better, so hopefully this new injury hasn't been a setback for him mentally because I thought that he was making tremendous strides in that department before the injury.

Q: Are mobile quarterbacks problematic for a team with a good pass rush and that's supposed to be the way to counteract what you guys do?
A: Yeah. Definitely. You always want to go against those quarterbacks that are kind of Statues of Liberty in the pocket. That makes things a little easier, but that's not the way of today's quarterback. Most guys now are mobile and still are franchise type quarterbacks. The Romos, the Vicks… Considering last week's games, the RG3s, the Cam Newtons… It's the way of the world and us as D-lineman have to adjust.

Q: Is Freeman in that group or is he different?
A: I think he's mobile. I think he's more of a Roethlisberger type as far as just being a big body guy that is hard to bring down. I haven't seen much from him as far as eluding a rush with his speed, but he's still mobile enough to give guys fits and to step up in the pocket and prolong plays long enough to make something happen downfield.

Q: What adjustments do you have to make as D-linemen?
A: You've just got to choke down your rush a little bit and make sure you pay attention to your rush lanes because quarterbacks, like some of the guys we're going to play this year, are going to be able to hurt you with their arm and their legs. Take your poison. You're going to have a 30-yard run or 30-yard pass in certain situations, so it takes a team effort as far as keeping guys in the pocket and just make sure we collapse it on them.

Q: Does a 10-day layoff make a loss feel that much longer?
A: Yeah. I haven't slept well, so I think we all are itching to get back on the field. Definitely got a lot of work to do on the practice field. Had a great practice today as far as turning the page. We've been in this situation before.


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