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DE Justin Tuck


Q: With the three of you guys getting shut out, do you take that as Dallas just played well?**
A: They played well. They did. Their offensive line played great.

Q: When you see Tampa Bay on film, what are some of the things they do well offensively?
A: I think they run the ball. I think they've, obviously it's one game, but they were very physical. Kept the sticks in their favor. A lot of third and three and short situations. Not really putting a lot of pressure on Freeman. A lot of comfortable situations for him and that's predicated on the fact that they're physical up front and got that running game flowing a little bit. Wasn't a lot of pressure on them, too, so the offensive line right now, I think, is a strong suit. That's what I've seen from them.

Q: How much have you emphasized being better individually?
A: I think we all emphasized just the individual standpoint, every guy getting in and getting a little bit more film, running faster, being up to speed quicker in practice. As a unit, obviously the better we play as individuals, is the better we're going to play as a unit, but we have to keep in mind we only do this thing as a team, so making sure we're on the same page with each other. Make sure that our calls are all right and making sure everybody gets on the same page and has the same call.

Q: Has this been a frustrating period because you've only had that one game to focus on for so long?
A: Maybe. I think it's frustrating regardless of how much time you have to think about it when you lose a football game. You always want to get back on the football field as quick as possible and that hasn't happened, so in this case, maybe we have been a little bit more frustrated by it. Our time to get back on the football field is coming. We're excited about it. We've got a great opponent coming in here and a great challenge and it gives us an opportunity to redeem ourselves. Get back on a positive track.

RE: No pressures and hits on Romo by the ends?
A: We didn't. We didn't. I don't think Romo was rattled at all.

Q: Is it more what they did or more of what you guys didn't do?
A: A combination of both. I think we pressed. We were trying to make plays. We sacked him twice, but for the most part, he stood there comfortably and those tackles, that O-Line played well. They did what they had to do to kind of stifle our pass (rush) attack and it started with their running game. I think in the first half we stayed with somebody in his face a little bit because the running game was in their control and Murray got them rolling a little bit. That's when things kind of unraveled for us as far as that goes, so it starts with us stopping the run.


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