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DE Justin Tuck Interview


Q: How does this team regroup after Monday's performance?A: You go out and practice every day. That is the only thing we can do. Keep fighting.

Q: Do you like what you have seen so far?A: We had a great practice today. It was a lot of intensity and a lot of guys flying around. Guys had some pride about them and guys were getting upset so it was a good practice.

Q: Are three or four practices enough to get things fixed?A: Why not? I think so but obviously it is not going to be us talking about it. We have to go out there and be about it, we have talked enough. Yes, to answer your question. Those practices are enough but we have to get the most out of those practices. We have to figure out a way to get every look and take advantage of our opportunity.

Q: Has there been any talk of the history of beating undefeated teams this week?A: Would we love to knock Green Bay off? Yes, but we would love to win this game regardless if they're 11-0 or 0-11. We don't really care about the opportunity to knock off an undefeated team. We care about getting a win and getting our season back on track.

Q: Because you were able to do it in the Super Bowl, shouldn't this make it a little easier?A: I don't know. We have not really put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they are undefeated. We put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they are a great football team. That is what our focus is on. Just to take advantage of the opportunities that are going to be given to us this game and if we don't, they can embarrass you.

Q: What have you seen from Aaron Rodgers?A: The only thing I can say about hitting Aaron is that it puts them in a longer down situation. He has the weapons where it could be second and 20 and it is still like a first and 10 call for them. He is not a guy that gets rattled. He has 33 touchdowns and four interceptions. He is far and away the MVP of this league this year. He is the main reason why they are undefeated this year. We have to get around him and make him not comfortable. He is not going to get rattled but you can affect how he plays by getting pressure on him.

Q: How much would it affect them to play behind in the fourth quarter?A: I don't know. Hopefully we will figure that out. They haven't had to play from behind so obviously that will be nice to go into the fourth quarter against those guys and see how they respond. They have the weapons so that whenever they are in the football game, they are never out of it because they can score quickly and they can score often. It is a reason why they haven't gone into the fourth quarter being behind. That offense is very proficient and they put points up.

Q: Do you relish this underdog role?A: We are so used to it, so I guess it is second nature. I don't know if we relish it or not. It just seems like we play better that way sometimes. 

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