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DE Justin Tuck Interview


Q: What are your thoughts on DeMarcus Ware's comments?A: Somebody just came to talk to me about that and I have no clue what D Ware is talking about. So somebody enlighten me.

RE: Ware's commentsA: First of all, I don't know when I called the Dallas Cowboys' stadium a dump. Obviously, they have a pretty nice stadium and as far as me wanting to be a Cowboy, I don't wear Wranglers, I don't wear cowboy hats or boots or those buckle belts. I don't wear none of that. I don't need a star on my helmet to tell me what I do.

Q: What about wanting to be a Cowboy football player?A:* *No, I plan on retiring as a Giant.

Q: Did you ever call the stadium a dump?A: I tell you what, if you find it then I will live up to it but I can't remember. Although if you want me to say it, the stadium before this stadium that they just built, it was pretty….

Q: Did you feel like a different player last game?A: I am starting to get a little healthier. I think the biggest thing for me was that I had a great friend call me and gave me some words of wisdom. It opened my eyes to how you have to play this game, regardless of if you are feeling great or feeling like crap.

Q: Who is this friend?A: He will stay anonymous.

Q: Is he in the Giant family?A: No, he has never played football in his life.  

Q: Do you have a handle on what you can expect from this defense?A: No I don't.

Q: Is that troubling after all these games?A: I know I say that to kind of be confusing to you but I know we will be ready to play. Some games we come out and rush the passer great, sometimes we play coverage great and sometimes we play run defense great. I just know that this team seems like we have our focus back, not to say that we lost it but it just seems like it is elevated. I think guys have made that conscious decision that we are going to go these next four games starting with this one against Dallas playing our hardest. Wherever we end up after these four, we will go from there. I think a lot of times you get so caught up defending yourself and making excuses for how you play that you forget if you go out there and play the way it is supposed to be played and how everybody in this room is capable of playing it, it speaks for itself. I think that is where our focus has been this past week and a half.

Q: Does it bother you that the offense is carrying the defense?A: Yes, it does. This franchise and a lot of the names on here are defensive guys. We have had some great defenses around here during my time here and obviously previously. This year, for whatever reason, our offense has been the superior unit and that is not to say that we haven't had flashes on defense. I think our offense has been the more consistent unit.

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