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DE Justin Tuck Interview


Q: Everyone was analyzing your slow walking coming out to practice, was that a mistake?

A: I don't know.

Q: Is that your regular walk?

A: I have an old country boy walk anyway so I don't think it's that much different, but it's a little different.

Q: Are you hurting?

A: Yeah.

Q: When in the game against the Cowboys did it happen?

A: It didn't happen in the Cowboys game.

Q: Did it happen in the Green Bay game?

A: I don't know exactly when it happened.

Q: What do you think your chances are for this weekend?

A: I don't know. I'm just trying to do everything day to day to give me the best opportunity to go out there and help the football team win. Hopefully we'll find out something tomorrow or the next day, but I don't think the decision will be made until Sunday.

Q: When they say toe…

A: It could be a lot of stuff.

Q: It could be turf toe? It could be a lot of stuff?

A: It could be.

Q: Is it turf toe?A: You'll have to ask our doctors.

Q: Is it other stuff in the foot, too, or is it just one toe?

A: I plead the fifth.

Q: Are you getting treatment on it?

A: Yeah. So I'll definitely know where I am as far if I'll be closer to being able to play on Sunday.

Q: Can you talk about what the defense needs to do against the Redskins?

A: Play better. Better communication. Better passion. I think the inconsistency and how we play is what's hurting us. We look great in certain stages of the game or certain stages of the season and then all of a sudden we don't look so great.

Q: Is that communication?

A: That's part of it. It's a lot more than just that, but that's the biggest factor.

Q: Would you agree that there hasn't been one game where you came off the field and said, 'That's our defense'?

A: Yeah.

Q: Which game have you come the closest to thinking that?

A: I don't know. My memory is not good, but I can definitely say that we haven't played up to what our standards have been as a defense around this place.

Q: Your defense has had a lot of injuries.

A: Yeah. I think the injuries have taken a toll, but no one wants to hear that because every team has their injuries. It is frustrating, to say the least, that we have not played better. I wish I had the answers to tell you why that is. It would be easy for us to correct if we knew what the problem was, but it just seems like when we think we figured something out something else kind of pops its head up.

Q: Is this toe situation one where you just have to rest or are there treatments for it?

A: Well, we're trying everything and nothing has really helped so far. We'll see on Sunday.

Q: You've had foot stuff in the past. Do you have to be mindful of that with this?

A: It's a separate issue.

Q: What have you been doing to treat it?

A: I'll answer this question and not make it a five-minute answer by saying I've been doing everything possible to get some relief, strengthen it. Some things have had positive effects. Some things have had negative effects. Some things have no effect. I still have almost three more days to hopefully find something that works or let this rest and heal a little bit more.

Q: You missed the first game against the Redskins. Missing two against a division rival, would anything be worse?

A: I don't know. All I know is I want to be out there and playing, regardless of if it's the Redskins or whoever it is this season.  

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