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DE Justin Tuck Transcript


Q: When you talk to Osi…A: I know what you guys know, which is absolutely nothing about his situation. No one knows when it's going to end; no one knows where he's headed. I don't worry about it. It's going to take care of itself.

Q: When you talk to him, does it seem like he wants to get back on the field as soon as possible? Is he getting tired of the situation at all?A: He definitely wants to get on the football field, but I don't think he's in any rush. I think he's taking it day by day.

Q: You guys have said that it isn't a distraction, but we're here asking you questions all the time—A: Well that's the distracting part: you guys. If we didn't get asked about it, it wouldn't be an issue. But since we have to know the news--everybody likes the latest—we get asked about it. That's the distraction part of it.

Q: When you guys are spending all this time together, do you guys talk about some of the expectations for this year? Maybe from the outside…?A: The expectations are embedded. We don't have to talk them. We know what they are.

Q: Do you worry that the outside expectations aren't as high as the inside?A: Really? When are we ever worried about what other people think? Could care less.

Q: What's the biggest difference you see out of Jason Pierre-Paul?A: Confident. This early in the season, you just feel—you can kind of get the feel of it. He knows what he's doing a little bit better. He's more confident from having a year under his belt. He has a kind of a swagger about him before he's going on the football field, knowing what is expected of him and going and doing it.

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