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DE Justin Tuck Transcript

Q: How are you feeling?A: It doesn't matter but I feel great.

Q: Is the sore Achilles something that has been bothering you for a long time?A: Not at all. It was just one of those freak things that pops up and you deal with it and hopefully not have to deal with it again, I guess.

Q: Did you feel it again yesterday?A: I feel great.

Q: What kind of a blow was it losing Osi?A: We don't know yet. Obviously it is a blow but just like before when he was not practicing, it gives other guys the opportunity. JPP will definitely feel comfortable with his role and stepping in as a starter at that position. Dave Tollefson is having a great camp and we just roll them in and roll them out. Osi needed to take care of this issue and luckily he takes care of it now and it doesn't affect us midseason. I think it is a good thing and deal with it now and we will be excited when he comes back. 

Q: Do you think it is too much to ask Jason Pierre-Paul to do?A: Not at all. I think he welcomes the challenge and he feels confident in his ability. The more he plays, the better he is going to get so honestly this could be a win-win for us. We know when Osi comes back, depending on how his knee acts, we know what he can do. We believe in what JPP can do so the more he gets out there with the ones and goes against teams we are about to face in this preseason, he will get more confident in his ability. It will benefit us more.  

Q:Do you think you will get double-teamed more?A:I hope not but time will tell.  

Q: Do you think Osi's knee issue could have been dealt with a couple weeks ago?A:I think he was on the cusp about it. We had already talked about it and what his plans were going to be. He came out in practice with every intention of letting that knee be dealt with in the offseason. After a couple practices it swelled up on him and him and the Giants made a conscious decision to take care of it now. It wasn't like he planned on it, he planned on playing the season with it but seeing how it was the first week of practice, he felt like it was the idea to take care of it now.  

Q:Is there a sense of urgency this year?A: It is a sense of urgency every year. It was a sense of urgency after we won the Super Bowl. Our goal every year is to win the Super Bowl and there is no hiding that fact. You are right, we haven't made (the playoffs) in two years but it gives us the opportunity to do it this year. That's the way we are approaching it.  

Q: Do you look back at how you beat up Chicago's quarterback last season?A: Last year is last year. Us beating up their quarterback didn't help us get our job done. We didn't make the playoffs and we didn't win the Super Bowl so I really don't care about last year. I'm focused on what we are going to do this year. Obviously, they will have a chip knowing that we killed and embarrassed them as far as O-Line and things like that. I know coach Tice is going to bring that up and they are going to come in here ready to play. It gives us an opportunity to work but last year is last year. I'm not even focused on the stuff we did last year. 

Q: What has impressed you about JPP?A: His athletic ability. We gave him a hard time last year but he continued to fight and continued to go about his business. That is a positive for us.

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