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DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Q: What do you think so far of Perry [Fewell]?

A: So far it's great; everybody is enjoying his enthusiasm, like a lot of people have said. But I think for the most part we're excited to get back on track and utilize the team that we've got.

* Q: When the team drafted Jason Pierre-Paul, what were you thinking?*

A: Not much, I was in the same situation when I got here, there was a lot of talk about how many pass rushers the Giants already had when they drafted me so I understood the reasoning, which was just go for the best player available and that you can never have enough pass rushers. So if you look at it like that, it's just pure excitement. We're ready to have a lot of firepower, everybody should be fresh the whole time and we should be able to get some quarterbacks.

* Q : You know what it's like to be a first round pick like he is. Have you been able to help him out a bit with that?*

A: I mean he has a pretty good head on his shoulders, he obviously has a good support system and a good family and he's handling his transition really well, but yeah if there is anything I can help, being in that situation there's probably a little more pressure than the other draft picks. And I definitely understand that, but he's coming along real well.

* Q: He's really only been playing five years for the most part. How big of a jump is that? He's starting in high school five years ago and now here he is in the pros.*

A: That I'm not familiar with but just from looking at him and how much he's progressed, I think he'll fit in very good.

* Q: You also know from your rookie year and the year after how having an over abundance of defensive ends can work. From what you see from what Perry Fewell has done rotating you guys in are you convinced that no matter how this shakes out, it's going to work?*

A: It's got to work and he's got the schemes and we believe a hundred percent that the schemes he's put us in are going to get it done and now it's just up to us. You know we've been in both situations, we've been in situations where nobody thought we could get it done and we did and we've been in situations where everybody thought we were going to get it done and we didn't. So the bottom line is when the games start getting played and everything is on the line we just have to make plays and get it done.

* Q: Isn't that the way it is around the league now everywhere, everyone has got at least three defensive ends, it's kind of more situational now than it used to be?*

A: I think with an emphasis on the pass and how corners can't jam receivers or can't touch them after five yards, there are a lot of rules going into getting the long ball out. So what do you do? You stop the quarterback from getting it out of his hands. So that right there makes people put a little more emphasis on getting the quarterback and the one position to do that is the defensive end so I think that's the reason there's a lot of pass rushers around the league.

* Q: Do you take it on your shoulders because of last year's defense?*

A: Oh yeah absolutely. The offense played tremendous last year, they suffered through injuries but they pretty much got the job done and we let them down and we know that and we're 100% focused on getting back to regular Giants football, regular Giants defense and helping them out to put up some numbers and getting to a Super Bowl.

* Q: Is Perry Fewell's enthusiasm contagious? Does that get you guys going?*

A: Absolutely, when you know everyone is in it as much as you are and everybody loves their job as much as you do it makes it easy to go out there and give 110% so we're excited about it.

* Q: With you, Justin and Osi is it going to be possible to keep everybody happy?*

A: If you're winning, everybody stays happy. That's the number one thing that I think gets lost last year. There was a lot of talk about people being upset, but the main thing was the fact that we weren't winning games so frustration comes out and people take it out in a number of different ways but the years when we're winning, you see that the reps aren't a complaint. It's all about winning games, you win your individual reps, and you win your individual battles but overall we have to win games.

* Q: Do you think you three enjoy the competition though? I mean somebody is not going to be starting?*

A: It's going to be tough. I'm not going to lie about that, no one wants to sit and watch somebody else play but like I said if we win games, everybody will be happy.

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