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DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Q: Regarding Domenick Hixon's injury and The New Meadowlands Stadium turf:

A: It was an injury that happened without any contact and I think the turf did play a big role in that. So we're concerned about it, we know that our front office is looking into it and they're doing everything that they can. So we've just got to be able to go out there and play football but the pre-season is about getting your team together and making sure you keep everybody healthy and you can't worry about that while you're on the field. But it is a concern.

Q: You just have to block it out?

A: You do have to block it out. Otherwise you'll play different, you won't play well and your game will suffer, and our team will suffer. But we're confident that our front office staff has everything under control.

Q: You're not likely to play much in the first preseason game. But the last time this defense was together was not a good picture. Is there something you want to see from this unit in the first two series that you play that maybe will give you a clue of what lies ahead?

A: Number one, we want to see execution. When we go out there we want to make sure that everybody has the defense down, that everybody is running through the right gaps, taking the right drops and making the right reads. After that, we want to see that enthusiasm. We want to see everybody coming together as a team. Whether its five plays or 15 plays or whatever we get, we want to make sure that when the games are for real that we have something we can rely on, that we have something we feel we can go back to, and that we're ready to go

Q: You can get that in just two series? No game planning, but you can get enough out of that?

A: Yeah, we've done it before. It's very important. Preseason isn't something that we all want to go through, it's a necessary evil. But we understand that there's a big value to it, as far getting prepared for the season, so we're just trying to get ready to go.

Q: Preseason, we probably go through this every year with the Jets and the fans get fired up for it, there's always a big crowd, but they have been chirping a lot, is there any extra anything for you guys, do you care at all about it?

A: We're going to stay within ourselves. All of the motivation we have is on film from our defense last year. So regardless of who we're lined up against and just because it's the Jets, it doesn't mean we need that extra incentive to go out there and play, we have all the motivation we need.

Q: Do you look at their defense at all and think 'hey, we're a pretty good defense too and we want to show that?"

A: Not just because we look at their defense. Like I said, we look at our performance from last year and we realize that's not where we were and that's not the defense that we are. So we're ready to go out there and play and perform for ourselves, first and foremost, and then our opponent. Yeah, we definitely want to dominate them, but it's not because they're the New York Jets and it's not because they're the other team in New York. It's because we know what we can bring to the table and we just have to go out there and show it.

Q: How about your versatility and what it brings to this defense as you try to rebound from last year?

A: Just the fact that the coaching staff, this coaching staff, and the coaching staff in years past have asked me to line up in three techniques; in fives and sevens and then go off the ball and line up as a linebacker. I've said before that I'm a defensive end by trade and that's where I want to be. But whatever this defense needs me to do to win, that's what I'm willing to do. So we have a number of players that can play different positions and I'm not the only one, and it's exciting because it gives us a chance to win games.

Q: Do you feel like this team has been overlooked with all of the attention on some of your rivals in the division and the Jets across town?

A: That's fine; we're completely okay with being overlooked right now. I think the last time that we were overlooked we came out with a ring. So all of the attention that goes on and all of the media stuff that goes on in the beginning of the season, we've been in that situation before, and things didn't work for us. So the only thing that we're focused on is making sure that we have all of that attention at the end of the year.

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