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DE Mathias Kiwanuka Transcript


Q: …mental transition and learning the playbook, how big of an adjustment can that be?
A: The first time I did it, I would say it was definitely a big mental adjustment.

Q: Are you as comfortable standing up as coming off the edge?

A: Yeah, absolutely. I had a lot of time to actually get used to it. There were a lot of different things over the years that we did like pedaling, dropping and blitzing from the end.

Q: Is it a more a hybrid of…

A: Yeah, there will be a little bit of everything involved. I think being out here, being able to play as a linebacker and then being able to rush as the defensive end is probably the best fit for me, because then I learn the entire defense and I can be used in a number of different ways.

Re: versatility of the defense
A: Yeah. I think the versatility that I provide, along with the skill and the potential that the rest of the defensive line and the linebackers have—it should be dangerous.

Q: Did you consider signing elsewhere?
A: Yes. I'm not going to get into where I was going to go. At the end of the day, this was the best fit, the best chance, the best opportunity I have to get back to the Super Bowl.

Q:  If there were other opportunities, were they strictly defensive end?
A: No, there were different possibilities. A lot of people have seen me on film standing up and they liked what they saw.

Q: How often did you hear from Tuck during that process?

A: We worked out together a few times and then it was me and my agent for the most part. People, when they go into that, you've just got to think about yourself and your family.

Re: deployment of defense

A: You have to wait and see. That's the fun part about it; you never how we're going to line up, you never know how we're going to attack and adjust to pass coverage and I think that's the exciting part.

Q: What are the positives you see there and where are maybe some of the holes that you guys need to fill?

A: I think everybody has done a good job. Obviously, Boley is a guy who is known for coverage. You can match him up pretty much on anybody and know that he's going to do just as good of a job. A lot of pressure is put on our middle linebackers and Jonathan Goff has really come into his own. He takes control of the huddle, of all the calls and checks. He's a very intelligent guy.

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