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DE Osi Umenyiora - 11/23


Q: Are there any similarities between the Packers offense from this year and last year?**
A: Things pretty much change. There's some level of familiarity but at the end of the day I think they play different and I think we're playing different now than we played against them.

Q: What are the biggest differences for them offensively from last year?
A: They don't have some of their weapons that they had last year. They try to run the ball a little bit more this year and that's pretty much about it. Some of the offensive linemen are missing that they had last year but that's it though.

Q: What's your opinion of Rodgers as a quarterback?
A: Great quarterback. One of the greatest quarterbacks in our league now. He's elusive. He makes plays with his feet as well as with his arm. He's a very accurate quarterback and he's very intelligent.

Q: He's the most sacked quarterback in the NFL. What has led to that?
A: I think there's been a bunch of things. Some of the teams they've played against have been good rush teams and he's not forcing it. He doesn't want to throw interceptions so sometimes he will take a sack. But you know how teams play against us. It's not going to be that type of party. So for us, we just want to get pressure and see if we can get our hands up whenever they go to that three-step drop because that's what we're expecting.

Q: Do you have to resign yourself now that the rest of the year is not going to be that type of party?
A: Yeah, for sure. But when we get our opportunity, we're going to take our chances when we get our chance to. Everybody goes into the games now knowing that if they're going to win that they have to prevent us from getting to their quarterback and sometimes they do a pretty good job of that.

Q: Has it been a frustrating adjustment from last year where you knew you were going to pile up sacks to this year where it sounds like you're going into games resigned to the fact that you're not going to?
A: No, it's not frustrating. Well, for some of us, it is because that's how we've made our names, but at the end of the day we still have to find a way to get it done. As long as we get pressure, and I've always felt like sacks were not the tell all sign of a good defensive line, but as long as we're getting pressure and getting quarterback hits, everything else will fall into place.

Q: Do you like how you're pressuring the quarterback?
A: It can always be more. Always. I don't think anybody is satisfied. Even guys who have 15, 16 sacks right now, they're not satisfied. They feel like there can be more and I think that's the case with us, too. We feel like we should be doing more no matter what happens.

Q: Do you feel like this is a big game to make a statement?
A: Huge game. A lot at stake and I'm anxious to see how we come out and play because I feel like we need to respond to the key games that we've lost and we also need to prove that we are still world champions and play like it at some point and hopefully this will be the gam


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