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DE Osi Umenyiora


Q: Precautionary ice?

A: Yeah man, better keep doing that.

Q: Haven't had any problems, have you?

A: No. I'm alright.

Q: How would you assess your week one?

A: It was alright. I could have done a couple of things better.

Q: Was it just rust?

A: I haven't played since January 3. There's bound to be some sort of rust.

Q: You were lobbying to play more snaps than you were scheduled to. What goes into that?

A: I guess when the situation calls for it. We were battling there and I felt like I could do some things to help the team win so I wanted to get in.

Q: How were you feeling at that point?

A: I was feeling good.

Q: How long do you think you'll need before you're hitting on all gears?

A: I never truly feel that way throughout the season. I just keep on striving to get better and improve my game each game. Hopefully I'll continue to do that.

Q: What were the best things that you felt you did last week?

A: Came out of it healthy. I think that was the most important thing. I rushed the passer pretty well. I think my run game was pretty good. I think I played decent overall, but obviously I want to be better.

Q: The Cardinals ran to your side often. Is that what you expect teams to do?

A: No. There are a lot of things that go into that. You just can't see them running to one side and think it's all on one guy. They had a very good game plan and they executed it very well. Teams are going to see that and do whatever they feel is necessary.

Q: Are you still making a commitment to stopping the run that you made last year?

A: No question. I play the run very, very well. Forget what you heard. I'm going to continue to do that and keep working on that and keep progressing as far as that's concerned.

Q: As far as the run defense, do you feel you took some gains this week on cleaning some things up?

A: The last two weeks, against Philly we gave up 170-something, this last week we gave up 150. We're doing some things in the back to help us with the pass and it's hurting us in the run game. I think once we get everything balanced out together I think I'll be alright.

Q: Would you like to see less nickel?

A: We can't give up the big play. That's what hurt us last year was the big play. If teams are going to run 300 yards and we're winning every game then we'll accept that. But the big play is something that we can't give up and we're doing a pretty good job of eliminating them.

Q: What was your degree of soreness after the game?

A: The next day I felt like I was in hell. It was the worst I've ever felt in my life. I wanted to, I can't even tell you, but as it progressed it got better and better. That was my first real physical contact in 10 months.

Q: Just football soreness?A: Yeah it was football soreness. Not my knee or my hip. It was just overall my body was hurting.

Q: Do you imagine that will be less this week?

A: I hope so.

Q: What do you think of Tollefson's sack dance?

A: That's the funniest thing. He came to me before the game, he was like 'I want to change it,' I was like, 'no, keep doing it man.' It works for him.


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