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Defense preps for Packers' Randall Cobb


Punt return, kick return, receive, rush, and, yes, even pass. Randall Cobb does it all for the Packers. He's the type of player that opposing defenses point out on every play and the type that keeps Tom Coughlin up at night.

But there's one thing he can't do.

"As far as I know, he's not selling any programs coming in," Coughlin said. "But he does it all now, and he's done a good job with it. They've been able to keep right on going."

In his second season, Cobb has added another dimension to the Packers, winners of five straight, and their potent offense, which the Giants have seen a lot of recently.

When he's not the Packers' leading receiver, their second-round draft choice out of Kentucky is racking up return yards. When he's not doing that, he's lining up as the single-back and gaining 14.4 yards per carry. He even has one attempted pass in his stat line, which came in last year's regular-season game against the defending champions in MetLife Stadium.

It fell incomplete, but that's pretty much his only blemish.

Chase Blackburn has the pleasure of facing him in all of his phases. The starting middle linebacker and Giants' all-time leader in special teams tackles will be keeping an eye on No. 18, who has three return touchdowns in his budding career.

"You call an all-around guy an 'athlete,'" Blackburn said. "In college, they have 'athletes' or whatever that you recruit. He's kind of that guy, I guess. He's punt return, kick return, leading receiver. He runs the ball out of the backfield. He caught a shovel pass. He's kind of done everything. He's a screen guy. He's a very gifted athlete and they're going to try to put the ball in his hands."

Cobb's production and versatility have also led to the trust of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In their comeback victory over Detroit last week, Rodgers found Cobb on third-and-1 for a 22-yard touchdown to put the team ahead with less than two minutes remaining.

"He's one of their best players on offense, if not their best player besides Aaron Rodgers," safety Kenny Phillips said. "He's still who he is. He's a dynamic player, we know that. We just have to, whenever he's in the backfield, get as many people to the ball as we can."


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