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Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell


Q: How do you address the run defense this week?

A: We just need to tackle better. We had a number of missed tackles in the Philadelphia game, which led to a 100 yard rusher. We had a number of missed tackles in our Arizona game, which led to a 100 yard rusher. We have to be a lot more disciplined in our run defense and we need consistency. We need better communication and that is what we are trying to strive for right now.

Q: Is it tough to have players in and out like you have had?

A: Because of our nicks and dings, we don't have the consistency, so it does make it tougher. When you play in front of a guy and you know where he is going to go and what he is going to do, it becomes easier. With so many guys going in and out, we are still trying to develop that consistency.

Q: Do you feel like the nickel can stop the run?

A: Oh yes. In certain defenses we play the run better in those formations rather than base. We are still looking for consistency in our front play and our backers so they know where to play and what to do.

* *

Q: Does Seattle look like Tarvaris Jackson's team?

A: Oh, yes this is his team. The coordinator came from Minnesota and brought Jackson with him. He has handed him the keys to the car and in the second half of the Atlanta game, he drove the car well. Their offense was as good as I have seen and they are going to try to build on that and come into the ballgame and let Jackson prove he is a quality quarterback.

* *

Q: What does he do that makes him different?

A: His skill set. He is a runner. He is not Michael Vick but he can hurt you with his legs. He can extend the play when he is in the dropback game. He has a good arm and he can hurt you. He has a good receiver in Sidney Rice and he has Baldwin who is really playing well for them right now. He has the running back Forsett who can come out in the screen game. He has some weapons and I think he is trying to learn his personnel and how he can utilize his personnel.

* *

Q: What did you see from Tyron?

A: I think we are going to leave him on the outside right now. He has a nice skill set and he is very quick. He has some man coverage skills that we like. He is a little smaller than we would normally have here but we are just going to keep practicing him and playing him. We are going to see if we can work him into our defensive packages some kind of way.

* *

Q: Do you think the run defense will be better against a team that runs most of the time?

A: It depends on how the attack is. You never know coming into a game if the attack will be a pass attack or a run attack because people will fool you. I just think, for us, we will play better run defense when we have two tackles and two ends that are consistent upfront and the backers are consistent upfront and we tackle better. That is the key to us playing better run defense.

* *

Q: Why are teams having so much success running to the right side of the defense?

A: I am not sure but I think I know. We weren't aligned properly at times and they probably took advantage of that. I think that they did a very good job of scouting us and when we saw how they were attacking us, we realized we needed to adjust this. I just think they had a really good plan in the way they attacked us last week. 

* *

Q: How has the lockout affected the defense?

A: I think each week you have to address a different area of your team. One week it is pass and one week it is run. One week it is pressure. I think that is just the flow of football. We have not been consistent with our people. A year ago, you can say we have this guy, this guy, and this guy and he was going to be there and be rock solid. We had these two guys and they were going to be there and be rock solid. Now we are just kind of piecemealing so to speak with our people coming out. Again, if we can get healthier and play together, I think we can get better.  

* *

Q: Was the first two weeks about the pass and now it is about the run?

A: Sure, no doubt. That is football and you have to address a different area each week because teams scout you and they attack what they perceive as a weakness of your defense. Unfortunately we let tackling be that weakness in our defense.

* *

Q: How has Tollefson played?

A: We have asked a lot of Dave. Last week he came up big because last week he came in and played tackle inside. He is doing a good job of controlling gaps and getting mismatches on guards. It was really important on the screen setup, Osi got the sack but Dave was right in the quarterback's face to make him hold the football. Dave is like a garbage man, so to speak. He comes in and does all the dirty work and nobody really notices it. He is a valuable part of our defensive line.

* *

Q: Have you seen guys going after Tuck's neck?

A: I have seen it more than once and more often than not.

* *

Q: More than normal?

A: I have noticed it more but whether it has happened in the past a lot I don't know. I've noticed since he had the injury he has taken lots of shots in that area. 

* *

Q: Can you see his frustration level growing?

A: Anytime you can't play consistently and you are a competitor like Justin Tuck, you are going to see him frustrated. He is doing everything possible to be on the field and perform on the field. When he can't perform like Justin can perform, there is a level of frustration. 

* *

Q: Is it more frustrating to be day-to-day as a player?

A: I think you have to ask the player. I know it is frustrating for me to say this day he is on and this day he is off because you have high hopes. You say he is back and he is ready to roll and then he is not here tomorrow. I am sure it is the same for him.

* *

Q: How about Osi?

A: It was great to have him back and you see what an impact he had in the game last week. We just hope he is enthusiastic and ready to roll this week.

* *

Q: Who counts the plays for a player?

A: I am not very good at math but when it came down to that point in the game, he was really feeling good. He was champing at the bit to play and we needed him to play at that point in time and the snaps got away from us.

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