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Defensive Coordintaor Bill Sheridan

Q. Those quick hit runs to the house, does that kind of surprise you because they look like some quick-hitters, no pulling guards or anything like that?

A. Right, on both of those we were stunting and you are right, the ball broke the line of scrimmage, so obviously there was a breakdown in the front. But, you certainly never anticipate the ball going that length because that is why you have three levels of defense. Totally shocking. It's not that the ball is never going to break the line of scrimmage, because guys are getting blocked and that kind of stuff, but you certainly never expect it to go the distance like that.

Q. The majority of big plays the last several weeks, have they been due to more mental errors or physical errors?

A. That is a fair question. To me, it has been more physical. It isn't like the guys are busting the defense, we're just turning guys loose. Some of them have been outstanding plays by the offense. I'd say it is just more on individual plays, maybe an individual guy either not able or executing particularly well on that particular play. It isn't like guys are not executing the defense, one guy is running one defense and some guy is running something else, that has not been the norm, no.

Q. With the Chargers' propensity to throw deep balls how critical is it to cut down on those big plays this week?

A. I am hoping that they don't throw the ball down the field at all. No, it will be very critical for us. As much as anybody we have played, they really, really throw the ball down the field. Their numbers are astronomical as far as volume of big throws that they have had. Our guys understand that and it is very easy to pinpoint the backend guys and say they have to handle those deep throws. As you know, it is a collective effort in regards to putting pressure on the quarterbacks, and weave out receivers at the line of scrimmage so they don't get down field as easily and all that kind of stuff. Everybody is tied in, in trying to defend those kinds of plays.

Q. Has coach Coughlin changed up anything psychologically or motivationally this week for his coaching staff or his roster?

A. He hasn't needed to. I think everybody in the building recognizes where we are and how we need to respond. He has a team full of guys who have tremendous character, and I would like to think his coaching staff is the exact same way. He's stated the obvious, which is we are on a three game skid and we need to do something about it, so that is what we plan on doing.

Q. He is pretty much the same guy in terms of his approach and personality this week?

A. Yes, again, maybe with the exception of making sure we understand the urgency of us getting back on track.

Q. When you have a team that has been one-sided offensively -- they haven't run the ball very well, they do throw the ball well -- is there a danger that if you look too much at the passing game that the running game can come up and hit you?

A. Yes and we really are not looking at it that way. I know numbers-wise they are a more prolific passing team, but they have an excellent rushing offense. They don't maybe utilize it as much or maybe have as much mileage but we certainly aren't disregarding their run game. We will be playing accordingly.

Q. You mention the three levels of the defense and you expect the ball to break the line of scrimmage but those other two levels, when you talk about Darren Sproles and how quickly he can go, do you say something to those guys to make sure they are at least slowing him down?

A. Yes. It is something that you are coaching every day on the practice field aside from the x's and o's and the assignments. You are always coaching your second and third level players about leverage on the ball. He is a dynamic, explosive player, so that is an extra emphasis this week for us.

Q. When people like Justin Tuck and Antonio Pierce say there is a problem with communication, what do they mean?

A. You have to ask them. I don't know what they are talking about. They haven't come to me regarding that. I am not trying to shut the question down but particularly I don't know, you have to ask them. They could explain it to you, what they are referring to.

Q. You sense no problem in communication?

A. No, no. But, if there is, I would love to hear about it.

Q. Since Kenny Phillips got hurt, there has been a question with the safeties. With Aaron Ross coming back, is there any thought of maybe moving Aaron back to safety or Terrell Thomas back there to help out?

A. I think all kinds of personnel ideas have been bantered around. First of all, until he comes back, there will be nothing happening that way. But I think when you hit a skid like this, you think of all, you brainstorm all kinds of scenarios. We only have three safeties on our active roster, which is pretty normal. You usually have more corners anyways. But, nothing is going to happen until those guys can come back anyway.

Q. Giving up 40 points in two of the last three games and the three-game losing streak, you knew there would be bumps, but I don't know if you could have expected these big of bumps. Is this really unexpected?

A. Yes, especially like you said, not only the points but the volume of the big plays. People are going to get plays on you, but the sheer volume of big plays, that has been our biggest nemesis. Even from when we were 5-0, we still, a couple times in a game, there are a couple breakout plays and you are always trying to coach against that. The players are trying to defend that stuff. But, it has stockpiled on us the past couple weeks and consequently we lose three games in a row and get 40 points scored on us.

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