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Defensive Coordintaor Bill Sheridan

Q:  They have guys with a lot of speed on that offense.

A:  They have always been really explosive on offense. Obviously adding Maclin added to the equation.  It gives you a treat both to the X and the Z.  Everybody knows how explosive DeSean can be, plus they have other good receivers.  Curtis is a good receiver.  And I know he is out right now, but that is the one thing – a lot of times you can lean your coverage a little bit to one particular receiver.  When you have a good X and a Z it makes it more difficult for your coverage.

Q:  How much of a change is it if McCoy is in there and Westbrook is not?

A:  It won't change anything for us.  They will just have a different guy in there.  He is really talented.  We brought him in for a rookie visit before the draft.  But we have always thought that Westbrook is if not the best, one of the most dynamic players in the National Football League, let alone the National Football Conference, let alone our Division.  He is still a superstar in our minds.  But McCoy is a good quality player.  He is having a good year for them.  He actually has more carries than Westbrook.  Not more total touches, because Westbrook is a good pass receiver.  But it won't change anything as far as what we are doing.

Q: The other night DeSean Jackson had two plays, more then half of their yards came on two plays.

A:  I know it, yeah.

Q: I mean you say you don't really want to spotlight one guy, but a guy like that you may need to keep in check?

A:  Oh yeah, no doubt about it, because he can go the distance anytime.  He has such great speed.  I know you think everybody in the League has great speed, and they do. But he has exceptional breakaway speed.  So if he is not corralled, he can go the distance just like he did the other night.  There is no doubt – he has had a great young career. And he is a threat anytime you get the ball in his hands.  And they get it to him.  He is the reverse guy and they use him on rocket screens and things like that.  So, yeah, he is definitely someone to be contended with because he can go the distance like that.

Q:  Without Westbook, do you expect them to throw as many passes to backs.  I know that they run a lot of screens.

A:  Yeah.  They will throw a screen game – it is an answer - like everybody else, it is an answer for pressure.  I don't think they would necessarily throw to backs as often.  In a lot of their personnel groups Westbrook is a like a wide receiver and actually lines up on the perimeter.  I don't know if they will – we will be prepared for it.  I don't know if they will view McCoy in that role as much.  They may try to get the ball to him out of the backfield.  But, yeah, Westbrook - there have been many, many years he has been the leading receiver.  Let alone a dynamic running back.

Q:  Does your game planning and preparation for Reggie Bush help you deal with Westbrook and McCoy and they way that the Eagles use them?

A:  Yes, it does.  Because you have to think it through how you are going to – especially in your man coverages - how you are going to match up your linebackers.  Those guys are like receivers so you try to avoid that situation.  So that is a good analogy there between Reggie and him.  A guy who really can play just like wide receiver, line up there and really has wide receiver skills, even if he is coming out of the backfield. 

Q:  Terrell Thomas said that when he played DeSean Jackson in college USC's plan was to get their hands on him; disrupt him right away?

A:  Yes

Q:  Is that the best way to handle the guy?

A:  I think that is the best way to handle all receivers.  And that is kind of how we play.  We are a press team, especially the speed guys.  Because if they can get going off the line of scrimmage then you are just saying you can match their foot speed up the field on the different routes.  So philosophically we believe in pressing in terms of 're-route' and disrupt the guys at the line of scrimmage and give you the best chance to just get their initial timing off and not let them get a free release off the line of scrimmage.  So we are of the same mentality going in. 
Q:  Have you ever seen a guy who has five touchdowns of more then 50 yards?

A:  No, no.  I hear what you are saying, his breakaway speed is incredible.  So if he doesn't get corralled early down he can just run away from people.  And he does.  He just flat out runs away from guys. 

Q:  Do you think that is demoralizing?   It counts for one touchdown, but can it demoralize a defense or are you not as concerned about that?

A:  I think it can.  Anytime you have a big breakout play like that it is demoralizing because it happens so suddenly.  Obviously you don't want anybody to score anytime but if people have to work and move the ball down the field and they are able to convert on some third-downs and get you down to the goal line and they punch it in with a 10-12 play drive then at least you feel like you are being competitive.  But when they can hit a 50-yarder, I think it can be very deflating. 

Q:  When Chris Canty returns – we don't know quite when it is going to be yet – but when that happens do to you think you will go back to more of a traditional rotation with the three defensive ends or are you still going to look to get Tuck involved on the inside?

A: No, I think like when we were using Chris before – he can play either tackle or end on first down.  He is more of an inside guy on the third down.  But I think we will continue to use Justin in the variety of ways we were doing on third down as well as playing just regular defensive end on first and second downs.

Q:  How close is Michael Boley and how is he coming along?

A: I don't know the specifics of his medical situation.  He was out there in uniform this week and I think they worked him out.  But I don't know of a timetable as to when he is supposed to return, honestly.
Q:  Do you think that after the bye week you will how all three of those guys back?

A:  Oh gosh, I sure hope so.  I would think so.  That is still a couple of games away plus the bye week. I would hope they would all be back by then.  I'm sure they are counting on it as well.  All three of them – Aaron, Mike and Chris should all be back by then if not sooner.

Q:  As defensive coordinator are you thinking you have eight more quarters without them, I would love to have them back?

A:  Yeah.  …… might be back before the bye but my gosh I would like to think that he is back afterwards.  Lord knows they have been out for a while.  I'm sure they are dying to get back.  They are killing themselves in rehab trying to get back out there.

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