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Defensive Line Coach Robert Nunn - 11/13

Q: The defensive line didn't get the production in terms of pass pressure you would have like against Cincinnati. What happened there?
A: It was a combination of things. It certainly wasn't a game that we were going to be able to rush the passer much. I thought there were a couple of opportunities that we didn't take advantage of, but for the most part, the ball was out pretty quick. We still got our hands on a couple balls, batted a couple of balls, but it just didn't turn out to be a game that we'd be able to get after the passer much.

Q: It seemed they did a better job of stopping the run as opposed to prior weeks. Did you see progress in that area?
A: Yeah. It was a totally different game, but I thought we played the run well. For the most part, I thought we got a little sloppy with our technique a little bit there a couple of times. But overall, I thought we made some improvement there.

Q: Have you seen progress over the course of the whole year and how much of a focus is that for you in your self-scout during the bye to improve that rush defense?
A: It's always a concern when you give up those games. People are able to run the ball on you and we certainly are going to go back and look on tape and see what caused it and try to fix what caused it just like we do every week, but take a little more time and go through it and when our guys get back in here we'll go through it individually and try to improve in those areas.

Q: With Markus Kuhn's injury, is Marvin Austin ready to step in and fill the role that Markus has been playing?
A: Well, it's going to be an opportunity for him. He's certainly got to step up and Markus is going to be a big loss. He's been positive for us and so it's time for Marvin to step up and he's going to have to see it in practice and he's got to carry it over in the games.

Q: How do you judge Linval Joseph's progress here as a young player getting better in the NFL?
A: He's been outstanding. He may not have played yesterday at the level he's played at throughout the year, but the guy has been outstanding and shows up every day to work and he's tough, competitive, does exactly what you ask him to do and he's off to an outstanding start and we've got to finish the year up strong with him.

Q: With JPP, do you see where he's learning more and more about being an NFL player and using that knowledge to become a better football player?
A: Yeah, he's steadily progressed and yesterday I thought he had a couple of opportunities, but for the most part a lot of teams are accounting for him but he continues to improve, continues to show up to work every day and if he continues to do that, he's going to keep making progress.


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