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Draft rumors from around the NFL

6:54 PM: Steelers like Fuller, Ebron
"There was always word that the #Steelers liked Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller at No. 15. Here is another name to watch: #UNC TE Eric Ebron." - Ian Rapoport,

5:02 PM: Falcons more likely to trade for No. 4 than No. 1
"We've talked about #Falcons possibly trading for No. 1. Appears more likely they trade for No. 4 with #Browns if Khalil Mack is available" - Ian Rapoport,

4:59 PM: No deal between Patriots and Texans "There is no deal between the Patriots and the Texans for Ryan Mallett. But the interest from Houston and Bill O'Brien is real. #Staytuned" - Ian Rapoport,

2:45 PM: Houston locked into No. 1
"Houston is now locked in on its player and is not expecting a trade, per sources. Texans happy to sit at 1 and take player it wants." - Adam Schefter, ESPN

2:14 PM: Ravens, Niners talk trade
"Two teams that have also talked about a trade (this is a big surprise): #Ravens and #Niners. May be a past relationship there. #Bro" - Ian Rapoport,

2:13 PM: Jets on the move?
"#Jets have reached out to teams about moving up in the first round. They've spoken with the #Titans, among others. WRs likely the target. #Jets are doing a lot of groundwork for QBs that may land in the first round or early in the 2nd round. Watch for Carr, watch for Garoppolo" - Ian Rapoport,

1:58 PM: Manziel No. 2 on Cowboys' board
"i can confirm that Johnny Manziel is NOT the No. 1 player on the Cowboys draft board. He is actually the No. 2 quarterback on their board." - Clarence Hill, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

12:03 PM: Vikings talk to teams about trading down
"As I said on Path, Vikings have identified five players they'd feel comfortable with at 8. Club has talked to five teams about a trade down." - Albert Breer, NFL Network

11:32 AM: Where will QB Teddy Bridgewater land?
"Sweet spot is picks 8 to 26. Teams in 2nd rd know of #Browns interest. 1 discussing trading up into 1st" - Ian Rapoport,

11:10 AM: Lions interested in Watkins "How much work did the #Lions do on #Clemson WR Sammy Watkins? At 1 point, they were talking to him nearly every day. The interest is real." - Ian Rapoport,

Texans looking to trade top pick, gather more
"Texans want to swap first round picks Thursday and acquire first and second round picks this year and first round pick in 2015." - John McClain, Houston Chronicle

QB Johnny Manziel not “wild” about landing in Jacksonville; family not rooting for Houston
"From what I've been told, Manziel's family is not rooting for Houston to be his NFL home, believing that staying in Texas will make his already challenging transition to professional football that much more challenging."

"I've also heard that Manziel himself isn't wild about the idea of landing in Jacksonville, one of the NFL's smaller markets, and that the Jaguars would not be his first choice of employers. It's not a preference based on people, only location." - Don Banks,

Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey not content at 19
"Sources around the NFL are saying, insisting actually, that Hickey wants to trade out of the Dolphins' No. 19 overall selection in the first round. That makes sense because the players the Dolphins covet either are not going to be available more than midway through the round or aren't a value pick that early.

"So Hickey spent much of the past few days on the phone discussing trade-up as well as trade-down scenarios. He was "setting the table," as one source said." - Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

Broncos, 49ers open to moving up
"We've mentioned #49ers are more than open to moving up on Thursday night. Let's add another: #Broncos. They're talking about moving up, too" - Ian Rapoport,

Browns GM “enamored” with Bridgewater
"Browns general manager Ray Farmer is enamored with Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and will strongly consider him at No. 26, league sources have told

"The sources said Farmer has been infatuated with Bridgewater since last fall, and would most likely grab him at No. 26. In fact, the Browns have looked into trading up from No. 26 to land Bridgewater if they need to." - Mary Kay Cabot, Plain Dealer

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