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DT Dwayne Hendricks


Q: On Dwayne's ability:**A: I just go out there and try to play with leverage. I use my hands and everything that Coach Nunn teaches us in our individual period and what he tells us to work on in practice.

Q: How does it feel to impress your head coach a little bit?A: It's always good to make a name for yourself. Anytime I can go out there and show him that I can get the job done it only raises my stock and the value that I have.

Q: This line is tremendous competition. Do you sit there and think wow how do I fit in?A: You've got to like to compete. I didn't go to Miami not to compete. I went there to compete and it's the same thing here; if you come here and want to compete it's only going to bring the best out of you. If you go somewhere where you're not really competing how can you get the best out of yourself?

Q: Do you feel like you maximized your snaps in the preseason game?A: No, I feel like I delivered a couple plays out there that I could've made, I should've made. There's always stuff to work on as a team and as a person and as a position player, so there's a couple things I need to work on.

Q: Like what?A: Running games, you know D-line games, like where my eyes and feet are. I need to make sure that my hands are consistent and that my pad level is consistent also.

Q: You were aware of the coach's comments?A: No, I wasn't.

Q: They were pretty flattering, just that you better come to play when you go against him--?A: Now I know that people know, so that only has to increase my play level too. I know anybody that's going to line up or watch the film is going to have heard of the comment, so I need to pick my game up also.

Q: That's exactly what you want to get out the preseason right?A: Yeah, hopefully now I've made a name for myself and I can just continue to build off of that and go in the right direction.

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