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DT Jimmy Kennedy


Q: Family excited about you coming back home?

A: My phone hasn't stopped ringing and text messages. All types of stuff. That's a blessing, though. It's a gift and a curse that comes with it.

Q: Were you a Giants fan growing up?

A: I was a Giants fan.

Q: But not overly excited about chance to come back home?

A: Well you guys know, I had a rough childhood. It was just a different experience. I was definitely excited about joining the team. I had to weigh my options on off-field stuff and different areas. I don't know all of the right people in stuff out in New York. When I come back home, I'm a tourist now. It feels good to be home and around people that love you, but I want to make sure I continue to focus off the field, that stuff is important to me.

Q: How's your knee now?

A: Fantastic.

Q:  Just some rest?

A: I've been working my ass off on getting [the knee] strong. Haven't played ball yet, so I can sit there and say hey, yeah it's 100 per cent until I get cut blocked. Just have to make sure I don't get cut [blocked].

Q: Are you going to be practicing this week? Think you'll play Saturday?

A: I have no clue. Just got my playbook this morning. We'll see.

Q: Learning the defense on the fly will be a process?

A: Yeah. We'll see.

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