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DT Marvin Austin

Q:  Thoughts on tests/recovery:
A: Pretty much to see how I'm feeling, and then to just access it from there. There's a time period that even if I feel good, they still don't want me to mess with it.

Q:  Are you in the clear on the type of injury that it is, structural vs. muscular?
A: Yeah, I'm good.

Q:  Just the "wear and tear" of training camp?
A: Yeah.

Q:  Maybe from not being on the field in live action in awhile?
A: A lot of that. Pretty much not moving and torqueing, and shifting my body like that. Now I'm getting it out of the way so I can go out there and make some plays.

Q:  Are you concerned that missing preseason games and practices is going to set you back even further?
A: Football is a game of repetition; there is something there. I would love to be out there playing and performing, but at the same time, Coach Nunn, and everything that he's been helping me with and teaching me, and all the guys that have been supporting me, I'll be ok.

Q:  How long will it take you to get back in game condition?
A: It going to take me no time. I don't have time. That's why I'm doing cardio, to make sure I stay on top of that so I don't lose my conditioning. That's one of the things that I worked very hard on in the offseason, being able to run. That's something that is very important.

Q:  Are you good to go?
A: Yeah, as long as I keep working and keep getting better, and keep controlling it, I should be good.

Q:  You were very upbeat about it last week, when at the same time Coach Coughlin was not so optimistic, has anything changed?
A: I think from Coach Coughlin's standpoint, he wants to see me out there playing. That would make him a lot more optimistic, but what I'm hearing from the trainers and everyone else, everything looks on the bright side.

Q:  How soon will you be back?
A: I couldn't tell you exactly.


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