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DT Marvin Austin


Q:  You nervous about being rusty in the game?**A:  It's definitely a test.  Feel like I have another workout to take off all the tape.

Q:  You were listed as probable, do you think you will play Sunday?A:  I'm preparing as if I am.   When the time comes for Coach Coughlin to make the decision, either way I'll be prepared.  I'll be prepared to be out there helping my guys see whatever I see if I'm not active.  If I'm active, I'm going to be out there running around, acting a fool out there.  A good fool, that is.

Q:  Are you anxious to know the decision?A:  I'm just trying to stay focused, and make sure my preparation is the best it can be.  Tampa is a good team, we've seen a lot on film.  Just making sure I'm prepared for everything they've shown on film, and everything our coaches have prepared us for.  Our knowledge is our biggest thing, and the best way I feel I can help the team is to be prepared either way.  If I am or if I'm not active, just try to help however I can.  That can be the difference in the game if I see an offensive lineman doing something that can tip-off whether it's run-pass, or if they're going to run a certain play.  Helping the d-line out.

Q:  Did you get to play in any preseason games?A:  Jacksonville. The year before that, Carolina.

Q:  Long time since you've played a game.A:  Yeah, it's been a while.

Q:  What's it like to finally be ready to get out there?A:  It's exciting to know that I have the opportunity to go out there in the regular season and represent the organization, represent the d-line and how we work, and represent myself and my family; but the football, it's extremely exciting.  At the same time, I know I was out there, and it can be taken away like that.  Making sure I use the proper techniques, just taking care of myself and my teammates.  The most important thing for me is just being precise on how I use my hands and my steps and that's the things that nobody likes to talk about on the news.  Those are the most important things for me. 

Q:  How hard has it been for you to not be out there the last few years?A:  It's been extremely tough.  I try to be optimistic and stay positive.  I have no reason to be mad; I'm on the New York Football Giants.  I have the opportunity that one percent of people in the world ever get a chance to do such a thing, to be a part of the organization, let alone to be allowed to go out there and perform and play, and be a part of the tradition of the d-line.  Sitting out was hard, but as I say, it's all going to be worth the wait when I get my chance to go out there and play.

Q:  What are you ready to show your coaches?A:  I don't need to be heard, I just need to go out there and be seen.  That's all that matters.  Go out there and be seen and not heard.  That's what this league is all about, you don't have to be heard, you don't have to talk, you just have to go out there and play.  If you go out there and perform, trust me, there's enough cameras out there to catch everything you are doing. 

Q:  How's your back feeling?A:  It feels good.  It's loose.  Just trying to make sure I stay mobile.  I'm always stretching, I'm always being hydrated at practice, just making sure I can do everything.  If you ever catch me, I'm always stretching and moving around and stuff like that to make sure I stay the way that I'm feeling now. 


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