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DT Marvin Austin Transcript


Q: Taking a break for a couple of days?A: Not taking a break, just trying to stay healthy.

Q: Is it your hip flexor?A: Yeah, my hip flexor.

Q: Was there a specific play you hurt it on or just sore?A: Cramping up out there and then came off the ball and it tightened up a little bit on me. They wanted me to fix it, make sure everything was ok with it.

Q: What kind of timetable are you hearing?A: It should be pretty soon. Should be pretty soon. Not trying to stretch too much. Really soon.

Q: Was it last night or the night before that it tightened up?A: It was the last night I was on the field.

Q: So two nights ago, inside?A: Yeah. We had the pads on.

Q: Are you going to go today?A: I think we'll give it another day off. Go back and talk to the doctors. If I have enough strength in it, they'll probably let me go today. Got to see. Talk to the doctors and see what they want me to do.

Q: Given how long it's been since you were on the field, did you figure there would be little nagging things at first as your body gets used to it?A: I didn't think so. But I haven't played in a while, just getting used to it again. Just making sure I take care of my body and stuff like that to the best of my abilities. But I didn't think that anything would happen. I feel really good right now.

Q: Have you experienced a hip flexor injury before?A: No. Just given my position (Defensive Tackle), you use your hips a lot. Freak accident.

Q: Not something that there's a previous condition with?A: No.

Q: I would imagine if you missed time, it could hurt your chances of playing in the first game. How anxious are you to play in that first game?A: I'm very anxious to play in the first game. That's why they drafted me. I'm ready to go out there and play and perform and I love to play the game. If I don't get the reps, of course, that will hurt me, but I'm trying to take as many mental reps as I can.

Q: You're familiar with the state where the game is going to be (North Carolina)?A: Yeah, very.

Q: A lot of people going to be there?A: I don't have very many people coming to the game, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people out there. [Carolina] have the number one pick (Cam Newton). I'm sure there's going to be a pretty decent crowd.

Q: When their fans are looking at the program, I'd imagine they will recognize you?A: They probably will.

Q: You've had a week of practice. What things did you expect, what was unexpected?A: I noticed that the game is a little quicker. You have to be a lot more focused. The technique – they've been preaching technique, technique, technique. Just making sure I have proper technique, using my proper technique. Every play, you have to play like it's your last. That's even in practice.

Q: How has the signing of Rocky Bernard and Gabe Watson affected your reps?A: [The coaches] give all of us a pretty decent amount of reps. I've never really thought about it like I'm not getting enough reps or anything like that. I just try to learn from those guys, some of the things because they've played in the league for a little while. Just go out and perform to the best of my ability.

Q: Justin Tuck has spoken pretty highly of you.A: I've talked to Justin [Tuck] on numerous occasions. Talk to him all of the time. Try to get as much knowledge as I can from him and all of the other older guys. I'm embarking on this journey as a professional.

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