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DT Rocky Bernard

Q: You wanted to come to a new team last year and make an impression…how frustrating was it that you weren't able to do that?

A: It was difficult. Every day, I had to deal with that. I was trying to do what I could do for my teammates, but obviously I couldn't do very much.

Q: Do you feel full strength now?
A: Yeah, yeah. It's definitely back at full strength now, and it feels good.

Q: Is this year almost like a do-over essentially?
A: Yeah, this year definitely. I'm just going to go out and do the best I can. Hopefully get back to doing the things I did before I got here.

Q: You, Boley, and Canty were the big free agency trio…you seemed to be in the same boat with injuries, did you talk about it as a group?
A: Nah. We talked about it individually, you know what I mean. It's hard when you have such high expectations. It's just that injuries are part of this game, and that's what people have to realize. We definitely didn't want things to shake down the way they did, and hopefully this year we can prove people wrong.

Q: Injuries are definitely part of the game, but to have all three of you go down?
A: Yeah, that was strange. Hopefully that doesn't happen again, you know.

Q: There is a lot of competition on the defensive line now, though:
A: There is, and that's part of this business that there is a lot of competition. I'm just going out there every day and trying to get better. I hope things play out the way I want them to play out.

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