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DT Rocky Bernard


Q: Is there a cause for concern with the injuries?**A: No, I just think we need to pick up each other's slack. I'm pretty sure they'll bring in some other guys.

Q:  How are you doing?A: Good. I'm doing alright.

Q:  Little problem last week with the knee?A: Yeah, I'm alright.

Q:  You could be in line for a lot of playing time?A: Yep, it looks that way. I'll be prepared for it.

Q:  Can you handle playing more?A: Yeah, I would like to think so. I'm just trying to go out and help as much as I can. Pretty sure they'll come up with a plan for everything. I'm not worried about that.

Q:  Thoughts on Marvin Austin's back:A: I don't know about any injuries.

Q:  Thought on being re-signed:A: I kept in touch with everybody. I had a good feeling that I would be back. Just waiting for the right time. I was never worried about it.

Q:  Were you looking elsewhere?A: I was playing it by ear. These types of things, you never really know where you're going to go. Just coming, waiting to see, it worked out perfectly. I came back here.

Q:  Thoughts on the young guys:A: They're working really hard. They're learning really fast. Hendricks has been here for a while so he really knows the system now, it'll be good to see him get in there and mix it up.

Q:  Thoughts on Kuhn:A: He's still learning too. He's a strong guy, you know what I mean. He'll definitely help too.

Q:  Can you understand him all the time with his accent?A: Yeah he's cool. I like him; he's a funny guy.

Q:  Thoughts on the fast process of learning the playbook:A: A lot of those guys don't have a lot of game experience besides the preseason; it's a lot different once you start really playing games. They'll just have to learn on the run.

Q:  Thoughts on Shaun Rogers:A: He's doing good. He has some valuable experience being a Pro Bowler. It's really sad to see him go down like that. He's been working really hard to help this football team.

Q:  Thoughts on choosing Giants despite the depth on D-line:A: It's kind of hard. It takes one play, and a guy could go down. We went from a lot of depth, to not much in a sequence of days. We're going to try and get everybody going, and make a run at it again. ![](

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