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Eagles Coach Andy Reid

Q. Congratulations on the new contract extension. How are you feeling?

A. I don't feel any different. We are just in full preparation for the Giants.

Q. What do you see as the reason for three straight wins against the Giants? What has given you the advantage?

A. Listen, every game is different. We understand that, so I am not going to get into all of that. Every time we play each other it's a knockdown, drag out. That's how it works, physical football game. This won't be any different. It's going to be one of those kinds of games. That's how we are preparing ourselves.

Q. Who will not practice today?

A. Let me get my list out here. Joe Mays, he's sick. Jeremy Maclin has a sore foot. Tracy White has a sore shoulder. Everybody else will practice.

Q. What is your confidence on Maclin being available for the weekend?

A. He should be available.

Q. Where do things stand with Brian Westbrook right now?

A. We are going to start him off on the show team today and just see how he does. Take it day by day here, see how he feels.

Q. How about DeSean Jackson?

A. DeSean will be back in there going. Back in the swing.

Q. Are you prepared to say whether you feel that Westbrook may be available Sunday?

A. I don't know that. I am just going to see how he does. I am literally going to take it day by day, see how he does today and if he feels like he can do more, then we will give him a little bit more. I am not rushing him back in there.

Q. The Eagles have added a whole bunch of different weapons on offense over the last few years with guys like Jackson, Maclin, LeSean McCoy and of course, (Brent) Celek. Can you talk about their development and what they have brought to the team's offense?

A. You guys know first-hand with the Manninghams and Nicks. You get that good, young energy in there, man. That's a good thing. Both coach Coughlin and myself had our teams long enough where you have a little turnover. It is always good to be able to bring in some good players. We're probably both very fortunate to have personnel guys that help us with that.

Q. Seems like Michael Vick got a little more playing time last week. Is that because he is working more or because he was in Atlanta?

A. Every week is different with him. It wasn't because he was in Atlanta, but it worked out that way. We don't have a set number. We just do what we want to do with it and go from there. We have a few plays in this game plan, we'll see how he does.

Q. The season is three months old now. Is Vick up to game speed and game conditioning?

A. I think he is. I think he is all the way back now. I have felt that way for about three weeks. He worked very hard. He had put on some weight with his time off and he got rid of all the weight. His speed is back, his movement qualities are back, his arm is accurate. Everything looks good. I think he is all the way.

Q. When teams know each other as well as you guys do in the NFC East does that have more of an impact on the emotional side of the game or the actual game planning because you are so familiar with each other's skills?

A. The Giants are going to have some wrinkles and we're going to have some wrinkles. But what it really comes down to is getting after each other. Both teams do that well. I think they both like playing each other and play hard against each other.

Q. On the subject of wrinkles, what did you make of the Giants personnel changes on defense and some of the different looks they showed on defense?

A. It is a tribute to how many guys that they have that can play the game. You can take and move Osi to third down and put another guy in and have them play the way they did, that is quite a tribute. I thought they were positive. You put Pierce down and bring (Jonathan) Goff up and he jumps in and does a nice job. Boley is back. Listen, the Giants are fully loaded. We understand that and we are going to try to prepare ourselves the best we can to play them.

Q. With the contract extension it clearly shows that you still have the passion for what you are doing. Can you talk a little bit about that?

A. As head coaches, you have an idea when you are in a good situation and I feel like I am in a good situation here. I have great support from my owner, team president, players and coaches around me. I mentioned this to our media, it's not a one-man show. Even though that is what it looks like today, it's not that. Everybody pulls together and does their thing. I am very fortunate to have good people around me.

Q. For a while your linebacker situation was a little bit in flux. Is it settled in now with Mays and (Will) Witherspoon?

A. We play so many linebackers, I am not even sure the word flux can come in there. We've got guys all over the place. They have done a good job. They are working hard and playing hard. Witherspoon, we have been able to keep the will linebacker spot there a little bit. He plays some 'mike' in there, too. The important thing is that they all know what they are doing right now and that is key.

Q. There is so much turnover in terms of both quarterbacks and coaches in this league. How unique would it be if it turns out that you end up coaching Donovan McNabb your entire career in Philly?

A. I will tell you what; he is a pretty good quarterback. These things like today don't happen because of one person, me, where everybody is pointed at. It is a combination of people and Donovan McNabb is a big part of this. That would not break my heart a bit to be with him for my career.

Q. You have managed to find success the past few games isolating Westbrook against Pierce. How much different is this defense without Pierce there? Does Goff bring more speed to that position?

A. Look, Pierce, I have a lot of respect for. He has been doing this a long time. He is quite a leader and I think one of the more intelligent football players at his position in the National Football League. But this other kid has stepped in and has done a heck of a job. He was flying around, making plays. He comes from a pretty good academic school there and has a good head on his shoulders and got good control of the defense.

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