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Eagles Coach Andy Reid

Q. Brian Westbrook's status?

A. Brian is day-to-day. He will not practice today. We'll see what kind of improvement he makes. He is doing the tests that the guys do throughout the week here. We'll see how he does by the time we get to game time.

Q. What about DeSean Jackson?

A. He is not going to practice today either, but he should be okay.

Q. Has LeSean McCoy shown you enough that he can step up and fill in for Westbrook?

A. He is there to do that. He did it all through training camp. He has done it for a couple games this year. If he needs to do that, then he is fine there.

Q. How much different is this Giants defense now that they have Osi Umenyiora back?

A. I think their D-line is unbelievable. I think they are, if they are not the best in the league, then they have to be one of the top of the bests. I have a lot of respect for those guys, and Osi is a heck of a player.

Q. Have you seen much of a change from Steve Spagnoulo last year to Bill Sheridan this year?

A. Bill is doing some different things, but at the same time he is doing a lot of the same things that Spags was doing. He put his own personality and flavor into it, which I expect. It is all very good stuff that he is doing and we have our hands full.

Q. How about the transition to a new defensive coordinator on your side? Is it as fluid as you could expect given everything that transpired?

A. Sean (McDermott) has handled it as well as I think anybody can handle it, which isn't an easy thing to do. Especially when you are a young coach and you're filling in for a legend. That is a tough thing to do. Just like I said about Bill, I would say about Sean. He has added his own personality to things, most of it is the same, but he does some different things. That is how those things work. We all think about Jim (Johnson) all the time.

Q. As I am sure you saw on Sunday night, Arizona did a good job of moving guys around, bringing safeties up in the box. Are you guys going to do similar things to try and confuse Eli?

A. Well, how about I just send you the game plan? I don't know what we are going to do, we'll see. That was a good question, though.

Q. Jeremy Maclin? Usually with a rookie receiver there is an adjustment period, but he seems to be doing pretty well thus far.

A. He has done okay. He is a smart kid and he is working hard. He is learning each week as he goes. You talk about a kid who is willing to prepare and he is talented.

Q. What makes him so smart?

A. Well, he went to the University of Missouri. That says it all, doesn't it? He has good retention and he has good study habits. There are not a lot of times that you have to approach him. Coaches look, do I have to tell the guy two times? Do I have to tell him it again, and again? You don't have to do that with him.

Q. He came to the sideline to Donovan the other night and said he was open down the field. Then on a similar play down the sideline Donovan hit DeSean Jackson on the left side. What does that say about the fact that Donovan is able to trust a rookie like that?

A. They worked out all summer out in Arizona, so they have a good relationship. Donovan is that way. He does have a trust in both the young guys and is willing to listen.

Q. Michael Vick obviously had a lot of catching up to do when he came to you guys after being out of football for so long. What has his work ethic been like behind the scenes and have you been pleased with how quickly he has come along?

A. He has done everything that he has been asked to do, plus a little. He has worked so hard to get himself back into football shape. I am real proud of him for the way he has handled things.

Q. I think a lot of people expected him to have a major impact on your offense right away. Are you still working him in, trying to figure out spots or what we have seen of him is that kind of what you expect the rest of the way?

A. We never said that. We just said , listen , if he can contribute, let him contribute. We know he is a very talented guy. That is how we have gone about it; just take baby steps there. We have a good quarterback. Listen, Michael is happy to be here. He and Donovan are good friends, so there is not this deal where he is trying to dethrone Donovan. He is glad to be here and having an opportunity to participate in anyway he can.

Q. It seems like he hasn't been much of a distraction at all. Is that an accurate statement?

A. That is true. He does a lot of things on his off days in the community and that is really what is getting the most publicity. Around the team, he is just one of the guys.

Q. We asked Donovan about late in the playoff game when he ran over to the Giants sideline and picked up the telephone. He said he had no regrets about that. Did you talk to him about that since you are a humble guy?

A. Donovan is a pretty humble guy, too. Must've had someone he wanted to talk to. We talked about it. He called me after the game.

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