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Eagles Coach Andy Reid


Q: Injuries? Vick?

A: The obvious one is Michael and he went through the walk through this morning. He is feeling good and has to just go through the process.

Q: What have you seen from Steve Smith?

A: I saw a lot of Steve Smith before he came. He is doing a great job and has done a great job in his rehab and getting himself back. He had a couple grabs for us last week. He had played five plays for us the week before against the Rams and no catches. This week, he had a couple opportunities and took advantage of them and made a few more plays. Every week he has had a more increased workload. He has done a nice job

Q: When you first signed him, how soon did you think he would be able to contribute?

A: I will probably tell you the same thing that the doctors up there and probably Tom told you and that I wasn't sure that he would be able to go until probably week three or four. I think he rehabbed faster than any of us thought or healed faster then any of us thought. Everybody is different in those areas and he is one of those guys that heals faster then people expected.

Q: Why have the Eagles been able to match up so well with the Giants lately?

A: I take each game as its own separate entity. Every one has been different and every one is a blood bath. It has been a knockdown, drag out heavyweight fight, so I don't look at the body of work over numbers of games and I will never go there and do that. That would be making a mistake. We have to go in and each game is its own and has its own identity.Q: Do you think Vick will play?

A: We will see.

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