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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid - 12/26

Q:  Have you thought about this being your last game as the Eagles Head Coach?A:  You know, I really haven't gone there. I normally don't do those kinds of things; it's hard to look forward and look behind in this business, so you just look straight ahead and at the opponent. We've got the holiday weekend and all that stuff going on so I'm really focused in on just getting ready for the Giants.

Q:  How confident can you be in Michael Vick starting after not playing the last few weeks?A:  Well, we'll see how he does. I'm banking a little bit that he's a veteran player and been doing this a long time, so I'm sure the game will be quite fast for him early, but I'm also banking that he'll adjust to that quickly.

Q:  Do you think since he's been away from the game, he's been able to clear his mind a little bit?A:  Listen, I don't know that. We'll see how it all goes and then we'll see if that's how it works.

Q:  You guys have had nine sacks in the last three games. Is that a product of coaching changes or just players making plays?A:  Guys have done a good job with what Tommy's (Brasher, Defensive Line Coach) asked them to do. I think they've just done a nice job with the defensive line.

Q: You said the players last week were razzing Vick about being the healthy backup. Could you provide the context of that and how did he take that?A: They were just giving him a bad time. He's running the scout team and we were playing RG3, so they were giving him the business just a little bit. But he handled it fine. You know how guys are. They gave him the business a little bit.

Q: Do you expect your team to come out with a little more emotion for you and this possibly being Vick's last game?A: These guys have played hard all season. That's not the problem. It's been turnovers on big plays. That's what's gotten us. It's not from a lack of trying and I think the way they play this weekend would just be because it's the New York Giants versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Not because of me or what they perceive is my situation or anything. I think both teams will play hard.

Q: Has this always been a fun game with the Giants?A: I don't know if fun is the thing, but the rivalry… I think that's one of the awesome things in the NFL that it's developed into that or it's probably always been that way, but it surely has been since Tom and I have been here and so I think both teams enjoy playing each other and look forward to the challenge of playing each other.

Q: You guys have won against the Giants in recent years. What do you think has been the difference that's allowed you guys to have the upper hand in the past few years?A: I don't know about all that. I don't even know what the record is. I don't look at that, but I know they're always knockdown, drag out battles and you're talking about coaching against a future Hall of Fame coach and a lot of good football players on that team over the years here. So we know that we have to, and I know as a head coach, we've got to be on our A game when we play them. 

Q: When you look at the Giants the last two weeks, are you shaking your head as much as Tom Coughlin is?A: Well, listen dude, I look in the mirror first. I'm not looking at them that way, I'm looking at us that way and so, I'm trying to make sure that we're right and I'm doing a better job coaching and we're doing a better job of coaching our players and our players are doing a better job playing. That's really what I've been looking at; I haven't been really looking at the Giants that way.

Q: Is there a sense that it's kind of appropriate that (Michael) Vick gets the last chance, the last crack to end the season on his terms after getting knocked out with a concussion?A: I think he's excited about it. It was unexpected. I mean, neither he nor myself were expecting Nick (Foles) to be hurt, but I think Mike will prepare himself well this week and go out and play his heart out. I think that's how he's wired. 

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