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." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.

What are the Giants going to do with Brandon Jacobs this year? Incorporate him more into the game or just plain wear Ahmad Bradshaw out? John

*Dear John:
Well, I can assure you that the idea is not to wear Bradshaw out. But he is the starting running back and he is fourth in the NFL in rushing yardage (449 entering the Detroit game), so I doubt his workload will be reduced significantly. But Tom Coughlin has said he would like to have a more equal distribution of carries between Bradshaw and Jacobs (it's 91-36). Last week in Houston, the count was 16 carries for Bradshaw, 10 for Jacobs. As long as each is healthy and producing, I would expect it to continue along those lines.


Why did the Giants decide to make the switch and go to Sage Rosenfels at holder last Sunday?


*Dear Maura:
To reduce the burden on Matt Dodge. The rookie is still trying to get comfortable as a punter. In addition to punting, he was being asked to hold for Lawrence Tynes. It was a new task for Dodge and it took his attention away from his primary job. Although Rosenfels has held little since he was in college, he is a veteran player with a limited role as the backup quarterback. He did a good job in his first game as the holder, securing a high snap and getting the ball down quickly enough for Tynes to kick a 42-yard field goal. And Dodge played his best game, with a 49.3-yard gross average and a 42.8-yard net average on four punts.


How is Bear Pascoe doing replacing Madison Hedgecock at fullback?


*Dear Vic:
Very well. Pascoe is a tight end by trade, but he stepped in and performed the fullback duties flawlessly. Pascoe is a very good blocker and he can catch passes (though he didn't have a reception in Houston).  Coughlin has consistently praised Pascoe since training camp and he did so again after the victory over the Texans. * 

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