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Eisen's Mailbag

." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.

Mr. Eisen, I haven't seen any news/progress on Clint Sintin. Is he projected to be a starter at OLB this year?  Any chance they will move him to the middle, or is he a bust?

Dear Eric:

Let's not suggest a player is a bust after one season in which he had few opportunities to play. Clint Sintim will have the first opportunity to win the strongside linebacker job that the departed Danny Clark held the previous two seasons. You haven't seen any progress reports on his because there's no news to report. The players won't be on the field until later this month and even then they won't wear pads, so the real evaluation won't begin until training camp in August. The coaches are very excited about Sintim's potential and if he plays well in camp and the preseason he has a chance to be a starter in 2010.

Who should start at middle linebacker for the Giants? Should they sign someone from free agency or trade for someone good?

Dear Fan:

Well, I hope if we do trade for a player it's someone good. But I doubt there will be a trade. And no one worth signing is available as a free agent. I know many fans are concerned, and rightfully so, about the middle linebacker position in the wake of Antonio Pierce's departure, but there are several in-house candidates – Jonathan Goff, Gerris Wilkinson, Bryan Kehl and the fourth-round draft choice, Phillip Dillard. They will all get a look in the spring and in training camp. Each has ability. But someone must step up and prove he deserves to win the job and be the starter.

Any chance Jeff Feagles will stay involved with the Giants as an assistant coach the way John Carney has done in New Orleans?

Dear Sebastian:

I don't think it's out of the question, but I doubt it will be a formal arrangement like the one Carney had with New Orleans. Feagles sounded somewhat reluctant when asked about that at his retirement news conference. He has four sons and his priority is to spend more time with them. But I think he would help the Giants if asked.

Mr. Eisen,

My impression is that their was a lack of leadership among the Giants' players last year -- especially on defense. Who do you see as the emerging leaders on the defensive side of the ball? Could Antrel Rolle be one of those guys? The team doesn't seem to have yet found a team leader in the mold of Strahan.

Also, in addition to Eli, who are the likely team captains this year? thanks,

Dear Dave:

I think Justin Tuck, Chris Canty, Michael Boley and Antrel Rolle are all candidates to be leaders on defense, provided they stay healthy and on the field. Tuck and Boley are probably candidates to be captain. On offense, I would expect one of the linemen – O'Hara? Snee? McKenzie? – to jon Manning on offense.

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