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Eisen's Mailbag

." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.

Mr. Eisen, I was just wondering on what is the possibility of the Giants signing one of the veteran linebackers that are available such as a Keith Bulluck or a Derrick Burgess just to strengthen the outside linebacker position?  Clint Sintim did not do all too much last year, so wouldn't bringing in a veteran guy be a good move?  Also, what's your take on the Giants draft possibilities? I've heard a lot of good things about Sean Weatherspoon, but is he really worth the 15th overall pick?  Thanks.

*Dear Michael:

It's a little difficult for me to answer your questions, because organization policy forbids me from commenting on players who are not on our roster or prospective draft choices. But regarding the veteran players, I would think at this point the Giants will wait until after the draft, which begins in eight days. The pool of available players hasn't changed and the Giants have shown no inclination to jump in. If someone they really wanted was available, they presumably would have made a move by now. As for the draft, anything I or anyone else would say at this point is just speculation or subterfuge. No one is going to tip their hand and just about everyone wants to camouflage their true intentions. Even if I was permitted to discuss the Giants' potential selections I would be reluctant. Who will be available at No. 15?  And will the Giants even stay at No. 15? There are so many possibilities.*

With the draft quickly approaching, if the Giants decide to go defense in the first round, do you think they will be looking for in the player to fit in the new system of Perry Fewell? If it is a linebacker, what skills are best suited for the new system (a version of the Tampa 2) and the same for a corner. I believe these are two of our bigger needs and are best addressed in the first round or two, while I think we can address other needs (OL/DT) in the middle rounds. Thanks Michael!*Dear Mark:

Without discussing specifics, I think it's safe to assume that any defensive player the Giants select – whether it's in the first, fourth or seventh round – will be one that Perry Fewell believes will be productive in his system. That's why they spend so much time scouting and studying, to find not only the best players, but those who can thrive in their schemes.*

Yo Eisen, The KGB used to give out more information than you guys. Last year we knew that the G-Men were banged up but the injury reports and were sketchy and misleading at best. Now we are one week away from the draft, we have signed Rolle from the Cardinals and of course we know NOTHING about the status of Kenny Phillips. The Giants should be forced to give weekly updates on his condition, because it is not fair to the fans. Last year half of the team had injuries that were described as strains which lasted for the entire year. What is his status? What is his prognosis? Is he working out? Is he running?

*Dear Werner:

I'm sorry you're angry or frustrated or whatever it is you're feeling, but the Giants are not going to announce weekly offseason updates on injured players. It serves no purpose five months before the first game. Frankly, the update on every player who was injured last season and/or had offseason surgery is the same: he's progressing and expects to be ready for training camp and the football season. And if it was anything different, it could be detrimental to the organization to let the world know about it. For example, if we had a linebacker who was progressing slowly and might not be ready for camp, why should we let everyone else know? Other teams would then know we had a need, which could make it more difficult for us to obtain a replacement. Secrecy is often a prudent policy in the NFL. Rehabilitation is usually a steady but slow process. Yes, some players have setbacks. But that doesn't deter them of the long-term goal of returning to the field with the rest of the team in August. As for Phillips, we have reported – and it hasn't changed – that he has been working for months, his knee feels good and he believes he will be on the field when camp opens.*

I know the Giants are close to the vest when it comes to divulging information, but frankly, I don't know any more about the GMen by reading this site than if I didn't.  I would like to know who the leading candidates for starting spots and depth are.  Who is impressing the coaches, who are they displeased with etc…  This info wouldn't tip our hand to foes and is quite harmless in nature.  What after all is the point of having a team web page if it doesn't give you anything you didn't already know?

Dear Robert:
The players are lifting weights and running, but they aren't even on the field yet, so no one is impressing or not impressing anyone. It's far too early to talk about starting jobs and depth – we don't even publish a depth chart in the offseason. And those decisions aren't made in the weight room. Perry Fewell hasn't installed his defense yet. I understand you're frustrated, but we can't manufacture news for the sake of posting something on the website.

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