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Eisen's Mailbag: Andre Brown's Status


Now that the Giants are 0-6, is it time to let Ryan Nassib play? He can get some needed experience, plus does it matter who throws our weekly three interceptions?**

Dear Ryan:
I can't say this strongly enough: NO. I understand your frustration and cynicism, but replacing Eli Manning as the starting quarterback is tantamount to surrender. And that is never going to happen under Tom Coughlin. If, heaven forbid, the Giants are 0-15 entering their season finale against Washington, Coughlin will do everything he can do to win that game. Coughlin is not holding job auditions in the regular season. The Giants have 10 games to play. Their attitude, as it should be, is that they can win all 10 games. Their best chance to turn around this season is with Manning.

What about Andre Brown? Is there a possibility that he becomes a starter once he's healthy?

Dear Alex:
Sure, it's a possibility, especially if David Wilson is still sidelined (and I write this having no idea what his prognosis is). But the Giants still have two games plus the bye before Brown is eligible to return on Nov. 10 against Oakland. A lot will happen before then. Based on the Chicago game, it's possible Brandon Jacobs has discovered the fountain of youth and he'll be the starter. Let's see how it shakes out in the next three weeks.

Will the Giants ever give Michael Cox a chance? He's quick and fast. I think he's ready.

Dear Ken:
Yes, but you don't coach the team. Tom Coughlin has been impressed with Cox, but he's also hinted several times that Cox is not ready to assume a full workload in the backfield. My guess is he's still grasping the nuances of the offense, particularly as it relates to pass protection (keeping Eli Manning on his feet). Because of that, Cox's role will likely remain limited for the foreseeable future.

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