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Who do you think will step up and take over Brandon Jacob's job of getting everyone fired up and setting the tone for each game? I think that role, which can't be measured will be what we may miss the most by losing Jacobs.

I don't know if one player will assume that role, nor do I believe one player needs to. Although Jacobs' emotional pregame talks received much attention, it's impossible to quantify how much they actually energized the players. When they reach the field, the vast majority of NFL players are highly-motivated to play. The Giants hear a big pep talk from Coach Coughlin on Saturday night and spend their pregame time on Sunday getting emotionally ready to play. Having said that, if a player is to step into Jacobs' role as the last man to get the team fired up before kickoff, my top candidates ate Justin Tuck, Antrel Rolle or Ahmad Bradshaw.


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