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Eisen's Mailbag: DE Osi Umenyiora's role




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I'm an Osi Umenyiora fan, but a bigger Giants fan. It appears to me Osi is a liability when it comes to defending the run. He isn't stout at the point of attack and all too frequently gets closed inside by tight ends or runs himself upfield out of the play. Do you think his role should be diminished to only to obvious passing downs like how they use George Martin back in the day?-Alister

*Quite honestly, no I don't. Since he joined the Giants, Perry Fewell has said that Umenyiora is a good run defender. Since he's the defensive coordinator, we'll take his word for it. Umenyiora plays to his strengths. He may not, as you say, be the strongest lineman at the point of attack. But few, if any, defensive ends, can chase a play down on the back side better and faster than Umenyiora. No is is better at knocking the ball out of an offensive player's hands. I think Osi should stay right where he is, in a rotation with Justin Tuck and JPP.


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