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Eisen's Mailbag: Free Agent contracts

Do you see a trend in the NFL signing players to one-year contracts because of salary cap restrictions? If so, teams could have 20 free agents and rosters will change each year dramatically. Your thoughts?

It has become a trend this year except for the very few players who have commanded large, multi-year contracts. And with the salary cap expected to be fairly stagnant over the next couple of years, it's a last trend that could continue. That could lead to more significant roster turnover than we're accustomed to. But one-year contracts do give a player an opportunity to help his team and earn another contract, one that is perhaps for a longer duration. If these free agents play well, they provide incentive for their teams to re-sign them.

Why are the Giants getting rid of key players like Ahmad Bradshaw, Lawrence Tynes and Osi Umenyiora?

First, every team's roster has a fairly significant turnover every offseason. It's the nature of the NFL. Teams want to get younger, faster, stronger and more athletic. Each case is different. Bradshaw has seldom been able to practice because of his chronically sore feet. The Giants have other running backs (David Wilson, Andre Brown), needed space under the cap and were unsure about Bradshaw's health going forward. It's possible he could return if he passes a physical. Tynes is a free agent and the Giants decided Josh Brown is a better fit for them at kicker at this time. Umenyiora was also a free agent and he made no secret of his desire to seek what he considered to be greener pastures.

Will Aaron Ross be getting his old number back? We Rosses have our jerseys at the ready.
-Barbara (Ross)

Get set to break out the Ross attire. Ross will be wearing his old No. 31 jersey, which was worn last year by Will Hill.

If Dan Connor plays well, would the giants be willing to give him a long term contract and make him our long term middle linebacker? Because he is only under contract for one year right now.

We're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Would they consider it? Probably, if he plays well, especially if no obvious replacement is ready to step in. But Connor hasn't played a down yet for the Giants, so it's a little early to speculate if he's here for the long term – particularly since the draft is still two weeks away. If the Giants draft a top-shelf middle linebacker, that could affect Connor's future here.





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